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  1. What insult are we talking about? I just assumed that you're a kid from the amount of time you spend on playing. <liljelous>
  2. same problem
  3. Make sure to check on the bottom "this spec only", worked for me.
  4. " We have applied an id reset, and at the same time decreasing the lock to be every Wednesday/Sunday at 12:00 AM! Expecting this way to keep our community interested until our next big approaching content release is applied. " official announcement on the website. It took place only for a week, later on i guess they changed it for no reason without telling the public. New content haven't been applied either.
  5. Why did You suddenly change your mind after few days, after announcing the new reset times?
  6. I thi I think it's only a visual bugg, I did all the dungs yesterday and today everything reseted except VH.
  7. Well, maybe what You say is true, but what I'm trying to say is that when they say that the new mythic reset days are to be Wednesday and Sunday, but it's not, then they should probably announce that. I already got used to them changing their minds like a blonde girl.
  8. Like I said they didn't tell the public anything about it, I wanted an admin or a dev to reply to this topic not some random dude nobody knows.
  9. So not a single dev or admin can say whats up? So the ID just reseted, we did Violet Hold, no loot whats so ever from any boss for any of the group members, not even ap. Not even gonna waste time on playing.
  10. Any dev maybe could tell us something about it? You make a post that the MM reset will be every Wednesday and Sunday, and then everything goes back to where it was.
  11. If I'm not mistaken the ID should reset every Wednesday/Sunday now, everything was fine till Wednesday, after the reset the length of ID's went back to where it was. Are devs aware of that?
  12. yeah yeah stop bullshitting, You were 1 shotting everyone including me all the time, you knew exactly what you were doing, if it was up to me, you would have got a permament ban kid.
  13. Yes I can confirm that, mages are abusing it all the time, on world boss today 1 horde mage was 1 shotting everyone.
  14. I saw in the latest changelog that You guys have fixed the issue when the purchased traits didn't give the stamina bonus as well as dmg. I think you guys fixed it for a moment, and then server crashed and everything went back to where it was. Are you still working on fixing it?