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  1. Lmaoo
  2. I'll rape you in Jungle mirrors on live right now, come NA trashcan unless you're dodging.
  4. lol insane how aggressive you get when backed into the corner with truth, I recall you saying "I'm going to kill your feral in a hoj" then continuing to lose the next 16 games in a row, 2 of which you didn't even bubble when god comp counters jungle, how embarrassing...Also I looked up your live from your stream, you were 1600 retail mop, I was 2400 retail mop, you were nonexistent in cata, I was 2k in cata, you were 2k wod, I was 2400 wod, and you finally broke 2.2 in legion! good job!!! dumb ugly arab who got roasted by ziqo then said in discord "i'm quitting wow" yet here you are back again unlucky to be retarded pal
  5. Yeah, reminds me of the time Zull and I farmed Cara 16-0 in one day because he kept switching comps. Actually a vegetable hardstuck 2k