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  1. Hey guys, quick question. Is simulationcraft/pawn working here? If yes which version 'cause I can't seem to find one that's working. kind regards Zeito
  2. Let's have some patience and wait. They'll fix it eventually.
  3. Hey guys, Since yesterday I can't login either. I already asked in the Discord , they told me that I have to restart my client. That didn't work. Yesterday there was a server crash and after that one guy from my guild and I couldn't login again. Everytime I type my infos and choose the server , it kicks me back to the login screen. That happened to the guy from my guild aswell. Instead of opening a new thread I decided i'll post it here. Thanks for reading Greetings Zeito
  4. I cant log in aswell.
  5. same
  6. bug

    You're prolly on another phase. Delete all your Quests which send you to another phase. Than it should work Greetings Zeito
  7. Hello people, Let's keep it short. There's one question I'm asking myself. Is it just me overreacting or is the progression on the Legion server rather small? No hate or something , just asking. Peace Zeito
  8. Ah okay. Dann noch viel Spaß dir Bruder.
  9. Ist eure Gilde aktiv wenn ich fragen darf?
  10. @Jyna Still hoping to see you ingame one day. All the best. Peace.
  11. I wasn't really active on the world chats , but when I was i always saw you banning people who spammen Thunderfury. Will kinda miss that tbh. I wish you all the best in life. May the Sin'Dorei guide you. Regards Zeito
  12. Hey guys, I wasn't talking about the compedium things. My question was : There is a feature on retail where you could exchange 500 orderhall ressource against 1 AK level. I already know how the compediums work. This is what I meant : Scroll down till you see this: Turn in 500 Order Resources for (Gegenstand #144395) Regards Zeito
  13. Hey guys Zeito here, I have one question. In retail WoW you could "trade" 500 orderhall ressources against 1 AK level. Ive heard in the Firestorm PTR there was the same thing , it was all fixed and ready to go if im not mistaking. So the question is why is it not released yet? And will it be till AK level 15 or 25? Thanks in advance. Regards Zeito
  14. Im so fking retarded. I was in another phase thats why I couldnt see anything. Can close this thread
  15. Hey guys, Zeito here. Im a lvl 110 rogue trying to lvl up a monk as a twink. So I got my monk to lvl 105 and then I've got some quests in Aszuna for example But the thing is I can't see him like literally can't see anything. I can see the questgiver Okuna but not the Boss. Even tho i see him in the minimap. I thought it's buggy so I tried other quests. The one with prince Farondis "save yourself." I did everything and when the quest finishes theres no npc to deliver the quest. Then I tried to do the quest with Senegos and the mana thirsty guy and that didn't work either. I dont know what to do guys , it's kinda frustrating. Please help Thanks in advance. Regards Zeito