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  1. To be honest, You named this video "Master affliction", yet all i can see is another casual warlock using his pet on auto attack with auto cast everything... I mean, You don`t even go LoS, nor You have a focus macro/focus spells.... cmon, we all know pvp on FS (specialy on legion) is fucked up, but You are playing as casual as Your enemys do in this video, everything ur doing is putting ur dots and MAYBE cast a fear, u don`t even reap souls (and if You do, u do it in the wrong moments like after u casted UA /facepalm). I don`t wanna bash on You, but You better (and not only You) have to get a plan of what You want to show us, i mean this video could have been done by someone who started to play warlock like 1 week ago, there is nothing proving else (and i think You are playing not only for 1 week now, heh?) Srsly, try to record a new vid, smth that shows Your skills, not Your pet auto casting shit and using spells wrong... and please start to use focus macros and go LoS instead of runing after an enemy, if You feel to play a melee You should go for a SV hunter, there u can have ur pet auto casting shit aswell so You won´t miss anything from what You are doing now Greetings from Fearspamqq, multiple gladiator warlock of pandashan/firestorm since S12 @Pandashan/Elegon) At least stay affliction, that`s a + point!
  2. Yeah bye, enjoy Your MoP :,)
  3. Yeah, because AT is harder to play then retail :,D HAHAHAHAHAHA, that`s like saying Pokemon (modified) is harder to play than the real pokemon :,) As said, playing retail, don`t have time for this shit here, but You seem to amuse me Edit: It´s not like i got the Malevolent Gladiator title on Pandashan/Firestorm, but yeah, keep trying as i said
  4. It`s not like we are playing retail aswell, but yeah, keep trying Let´s put this all together into a simple sentence, that might even YOU can understand. Ready? I mean are You REALLY ready?! Okay here it come`s..... .... You suck.
  5. 2x Glad. on AT...... I got 10x Glad on retail, Yet i never que`f for Arena....Kappa #PvPGod #Getbanned
  6. This
  7. Just changed back to my lock, it`s just the challengr set from MOP+the illidaria tabard from shadowmoon valley (idk the quest anymore).
  8. LOL, i just noticed now
  9. Damn, good old Pandashan times (Dotskill here if You may remember me :P) Wasn`t it the 5.4 announce Event where we had to search 4 of those npc`s?
  10. Just took an Ashran one now
  11. Yea, my last screenshot, since my retail Client is also my ashran one
  12. Yo, i Need a Little bit of help.... I`m using ElvUI for ages now, but for some reason i can`t use my "stealth" bar anymore when i use Shadow Dance. I already tried to re-enter and Change the Action paging Code, without sucess.... Stance 0 is the "normal" stance Stance 1 is "stealth" Stance 2 or 3 has to be "shadow Dance" But stance 2 and 3 don`t work somehow, the Action bar won´t Change when im using shadow Dance... Thanks for helping guys and have a nice day! P.S: Grammer suxx, the Windows 10 edge browser is trying to "correct" my words qq