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  1. Only one of your 3 options talks about some kind of fix for the MMR in a broken english
  2. You guys don't seem to realize that MMR is not working as it is on retail...
  3. I counted and there are 40 players from Greymane in the top 100, but yeah, "no one does PvP on Sylvanas".
  4. Yes before they released ToS lootboxes (around 2 months ago maybe ?) I was 905. Do you have stats or anything to back up your statement ? When you look at the PvP ranking it's not 10% Sylvanas 90% Greymane. It's funny because on AT TBC you were starting with s2 or s3 (I don't remember) and you were facing s4 teams, same for smolderforge (another TBC instant PvP server) and Deathside, so yes, I already played on instant PvP server and guess what ? On none of them you were starting with the best possible gear. YOU might wanna try to play on instant PvP servers. How is this a bullshit comment ? I asked you a question because I wasn't playing on FS when WoD tournament was here. If you were able to face players from Gul'dan but you could buy full epic gear at the vendor on tournament, it was really bad imo. Sylvanas is a blizzlike server, Greymane is a fun server, what's your point ?
  5. I never did a single MM+ or raid on Sylvanas, only PvP and I was around 905 ilv (around 2 months ago) then I bought lootboxes, you can do fine without PvE content. So you have instant 110 and you want to get everything without farming when Sylvanas players have to level up and farm for everything ? Problem solved then, ah nevermind, you want to get AP and gear without farming, sorry that's now how WoW works. Were you able to queue against people from Gul'dan and Tournament at the same time with a cross server ? If no, then you can't compare WoD tournament and Greymane just like you can't compare Blizzard's tournament and Greymane.
  6. I'm not sure where you saw that matchmaking should be based on item level and not MMR, it never worked like that on retail.
  7. Because you can queue against Sylvanas players and it would be unfair for them ?
  8. There is no gear to obtain on Blizzard's tournament realm, you have vendors selling everything you need therefore you get nothing from arenas or anything, everyone can have the same gear no matter what their rating is, which is not the case on Greymane, you start with 860 gear but you can get gear from arenas / bg. I've been playing to this game for around 10 years but sure. Yeah so you don't want to level up, you don't have to get to honor 50, you don't want to farm AP but you want to be equal to those players who do WQ etc. I was complaining about private servers so right now I'm playing on retail But you already have an advantage when playing on Greymane, you don't have to level up, you start prestige 1 with 860 gear, you can create as much characters as you want, do you think you can do it on Sylvanas ? Nop. PvP was cancerous because when there was a bugged class (enh, fury, mw) people created them on Greymane, if there was only Sylvanas I'm sure that they wouldn't have been playing those bugged classes. Edit: in the top 15 shown there are 8 people from Greymane, doesn't seem that unbalanced.
  9. It has to be RNG, that's how legendary items work Nop, it's not the same at all for 2 reasons: - There is no gear to obtain on Blizzard's tournament realm as you have access to vendor with the best gear when you create your character - No one only play on tournament realm, whereas some players play only on Greymane If Sylvanas is better why don't you play on it ? Oh yeah, on Sylvanas you have to play the game (leveling, farming, getting honor level etc), so you want to be equal but only in the way that gives you an advantage
  10. Doesn't matter, by selling them like that, you remove the random part of legendary items, what you could ask for is increase the droprate if you feel like it's too low for PvP Blizzard's tournament realm has nothing to do with Greymane at all.
  11. So basically you're saying that we should get a legendary every 3 days only by doing daily quests ? Interesting.
  12. Download firestorm launcher and launch the game from it, it solved the problem for me
  13. Si tu veux faire une suggestion en français je te conseil de le faire sur le forum français.
  14. Damn it took you 3 days to realize that no one could help you if you don't tell what error he has, congratz
  15. There is already a PvP ranking for Legion like for every other extensions.