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  1. Download firestorm launcher and launch the game from it, it solved the problem for me
  2. If you know a bit about web browser development maybe you could do a plugin that displays a small box where we could enter a number to modify the value stored in the cookie report_from so we could navigate faster on the BT.
  3. Si tu veux faire une suggestion en français je te conseil de le faire sur le forum français.
  4. Damn it took you 3 days to realize that no one could help you if you don't tell what error he has, congratz
  5. But you can't always use keyword, for example if you check quest report one by one to see if you can fix the quest, there is no way you can use keyword, and if you want to start from the end of the BT you have to click n times to go through n pages. I already have a list of the quest I'm working on, but if I want to go back where I stopped yesterday, I have to go through all the pages, I can't just save the number of the page and modify it in the URL. That's not really a big deal because it takes at most 30 seconds to go to the end of the BT but it'd be an improvement in my opinion.
  6. You didn't understand my point. Of course I can open multiple report at the same time, but let's say I want to go to the report n°1500, I have to go through a tons of page, and I can't open one tab on page 10 (there are no real page but you understand what I mean) and one other tab on page 50, because the page we are currently looking isn't save in the URL, it's save for our whole internet browser, and therefore every tabs share the same page. For example, I have tab1 and tab2 open on the same page. If I go to the next page on tab2 and actualise tab1, tab1 will be on the same page as tab2, and that's annoying when you go deep in the BT.
  7. I'd add one major thing, use page with the number of the page in the URL instead of JS, right now we can't even have 2 tabs open with different page on the BugTracker.
  8. There is already a PvP ranking for Legion like for every other extensions.
  9. So you complain that the raid doesn't come out fast enough, but you also complain when they hire more developer to speed up the development ? That sounds totally legit to me.
  10. I couldn't edit my previous post. - 0:50 watch closely, watch it 10 times if you need it. Xtrap is on a mount and he has 50% slow, look how fast he is moving, he is moving slower than he does at 4:40 and 5:30.
  11. Here are some moment on xtrap video : - 4:40 xtrap's moving so fast even if he has a 50% slow, his movement are not even fluid - 5:30 xtrap has like 10% health, his mate is trapped, so he's moving almost faster than a normal player, but he should be slowed by frozen ammo ! - 6:05 look how fast Yeuxbleus is moving with a 50% slow. That should be xtrap's speed at 4:40 and 5:30. The movement speed difference between both hunter is huge. Some people may say that he's lagging, ok that COULD explain the fact that his movement are not fluid, but that couldn't explain in any way his movement speed.
  12. Are you sure this is a good idea ? In my opinion you should not be able to get 7.2 stuff before HFC release because that's not how it was on retail. People are going to start HFC with full kazzak gear etc... and that's not how it was on retail.
  13. Honestly I don't understand the point of HFC when nobody killed a singled mythic boss in BRF, that's missing the most important part of PvE in my opinion.
  14. Hello, does anyone have a version of skada or recount that display absorbed damage in hps ? I tried to upload logs on warcraftlog but it doesn't even show my shield in the healing tab