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  1. i ve completed the chain quest for enchanting but now i m stuck at Prepping for Battle quest coz the trainer did not teach me the Enchant Cloak Word of Strength and it taught me the other 2 of ring enchant for quest.
  2. i wanted to enter dungeon scholomance but its not workin or somethin i ve to complete a profession quest there but the instance is completely empty no boss no mobs nothing kindly reply
  3. no one response here
  4. i cant complete my inscription quest The Ink Flows Kindly anyone let me know it works or its bugged?
  5. i ve recruited a friend of mine and i didnt get my rewards is it bug or something
  6. i ve updated my wow via launcher n it say its 7.1.5 at the bottom..but when i click play nothin happens pls help
  7. any update abt this issue yet?
  8. hey guys i ve a prb with honor bar it stuck at a point and not moving even if i win a bg it just stuck idk whts wrong pls help
  9. wht about the vote points we still cant get them?
  10. anyone tell me how to access from dalaran to legion zones and which is ths startin map for legion
  11. i think u should ve downloaded the firestorm torrent client its full and workin perfectly fine.u dont even need to run launcher after download just uncheck read only from folder and start wow.exe.
  12. i think server needs a restart to fix it