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  1. Let us know if you were helped
  2. They are always MONEY first and give less shiit about players issues.It has and will forever be Firestorms way of life.Better get used to it buddy.I have lost over 3 legendaries cause of the BUGS but i always get told Better LUCK next time with the jokers accent
  3. Interesting.... Well to be honest with you escanor if i gave my honest response towards this situation i might risk a ban since it wont favor the gms at all.Anyway you are right.If the gms preach about fairness throughout the game but they carry out this little mischievous deeds then both the gm who didn't issue proper punishment and the player should be banned for twice the period.Why do i say this? Imagine if this gm is the same guy favoring players and that abusive player is the same person making insensitive comments without a care since as you said the staff might be in cahoots with him.Imagine how many players might get emotionally triggered without consideration as they normally say lol