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  1. I got 2 questions and bug. When will nightfallen rep live so we can start farming the rep to get 2 last silver hand pieces. And World quest Language of the lost the second part of it where u need to kill the boss to get the Oracle's Scrying orb isnt working, it wont drop the orb as loot, everytime ive killed the boss its not dropping.
  2. its not bugged suramar is atm offline with no time annoucned when its going online i got the same issue as you
  3. I was wondering when will suramar be online for questing faction standings. As two 110 gear items requires players to be honorred with the nightfallen. The items are hands and shoulders. Im just curious
  4. indeed i had a good groove going lvling my demon hunter that i made today
  5. Sylvanas CellMedia. Server keeps disconnecting me alot today
  6. i find it kind of confusing, why the lvl cap is 100 when i was able to transfer to WoD when i wasnt even lvl 90.
  7. I want to transfer a character to Sylvanas legion but its not lvl 100, and the store front wont allow becouse its not 100. I really wanna keep playing on it. Here comes the question: Is there away to transfer without having to spent countless of days to 100, i was waiting to play on my character since i wanted to try the new combat animation.