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  1. it dosent work ?
  2. to tell u bether my clawing shadows wen hit training dumy it its clawing shadows 200k or 140-170k bursting wounds 200k -150k depends and the 50% more burstng wounds dmg 100k- 200k but wen on a pvp player its clawing shadows is 50k burxting wounds is 40k-50k ? its so f+king bad!
  3. name is Unholypain ) unholy dk 110 item lvl 851wen i atack training dumy i do good dps but wen its a normal pvp player duel or arena or bg i d oshit dps by wounts burst its so low and its for me imposible to win duels or arenas i dont know what this is i do 300k dps on training dumy but wen its a normal players its 50kdps or 60 k sometimes 100k i need this fixed
  4. im reporting problems long ago but gues what nobady is changing anything there are so many bugGs god damn the only server i know who has this How many time su play against a caracter and same class or difrent the class u know is not op and u know there abilitys then u look at your hp and u cant belive it then his hp is weryy full and nice im looking for fer play this is not fer play! gl with report it wont change belive me it never changes.
  5. i take alot of dmg wen some classes for no reson dont take no dmg wen i do 100k dmg on a guy hes hp is not moving gg
  6. this private server did it again i cant belive this again so much buggs so much disapointmend i spend hundrets of euros on this server and same wod crap again i play with a specific class and my game play suck not becous im noob haters kiss my ----- , some carracters have more adwantech then the other cous of a specifig bugg the same bug in wod wen i use templar werdict on a specific carracter and the carracter has no shild no abzorbing no nothing 50k dmg on a 2 mil hero firestorm u did it again many times i use all my magics i lose to the same pala clases ass me but something is wrong thay heal werry good and oftehn and thay do more dmg then me wen i see that one templars werdict can do almost 200k on my ass and i do 50k firestorm u did it again im sick and tired of u i play this game for years and some newpes com in this game and make more dps then me cous of something i can diskripe something is god damn wrong with this server im sick and tired of this i have many carracters and wen i fight a carracter like a dk the dk mrapes my ass then i take dk same rotation same everything but gues what the festering wounds dont do much dmg but wen i get festering wounds on my ass thay do alot of dmg thx alot firestorm im tired of you and this unfair gameplay here im tired of your blind eye ass who dont see ishus here like they are im leaving firestorm i spend alot of monay here thx for nothing!
  7. yes server is full buged dont know i thing i will stop playing this game tu much incorect and unfair gameplay
  8. my name is deatchblade lvl 100 unholy dk grommash server
  9. i have unholy dk and i have dmg problems my festering strike says it dous 20k pvp 28k dmg per hit but its doing 10k so i dont even use it and my oblitarate it say its doing 30k dmg but its only doing 30 wen i hit critical but wen i don hit critical its 9k 10k dmg and plus wen i try to cast sirtend spells i have to click the spell couple of times so i can use it its a bug need it fixed .thx
  10. I have a dk who dos low dps i do max 30k with oblitarate wile other do 100k+ on my ass i have bug problems i have to klick 3 or 4 times many times one button to use surten spells i posted many bugtrackers but no one answers non of the faunders or administrators are answering me .whay and wen will some one fix this problem ?