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  1. Hello, Firstrom! Help, I'm in a crisis! When I log into the shop, it does not show my character, a level 18 blood elf paladin on the Garr'osh server. I just bought a lot of points, and now I can't access them! Please help! Best, Brosephus
  2. Hello all! So something I realized, in the MoP expansion, the blood elf attack animation for Crusader strike is a bit brief and not very interesting, so my question is this: is there any way to change the animation to the way it was in cata? I would be VERY thankful for any help on this issue! Thanks much, Brosephus
  3. I’m sorry, but I’m not quite sure what you’ve said, would you care to elaborate?
  4. This is on Garr’osh, and my character’s name is Brosephus. Anything helps! D:
  5. Hello, for some reason when my character is in combat, he does not assume his combat stance, but rather just stands there and takes hits. Can I please get some help on this issue? Thanks in Advance - Spjungen