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  1. I knew that people who have their main on Greymane were lazy to level up... but this is too much
  2. Also get wow error #132 but only on the character that i have the problem on... i already tried deleting Cache and unstucking character from website and didn't work
  3. I was mailed by Blizzard support with a champion strongbox after winning a Bg, i retrieved it from mailbox and now when i try to log my character i get DC for no reason, can't log that character in specific, alts are ok but my main is unable to stay online. Any HELP from any GM or DEVELOPER?
  4. is it possible to recruit an already 110 player and get the benefit? And what's the trait limit for double artifact points bonus?
  5. Btw... Is it possible to get benefits from the recruit a friend perks with an already full level character?
  6. Every new content is well accepted. Let's give to the new players a welcome instead of critisize what the managers of the server are deciding to do with It
  7. PvP was badly exploited by Greymane players, and they should not get any reward at all. Just saying
  8. I have seen people with their loots equipped long time ago, even upgraded to warforged/titanforged quality, i don't know how they got it yet
  9. For some moments i was also thinking about the amount, yeah. I mean, spending crazy amounts of LP like some players did (25-30k) is just too gross to be acceptable, even if it was mistake from the event's development, in such cases some pruning must be applied.
  10. Hello Yashirou, thank you for taking a bit of your time to read and comment this post. But consider that it wasn't only 875 gear, several players linked 900+ from lootboxes yesterday, which is by far higher ilvl than hc NH drops itself, so there is a great advantage in their favor, the dps is just matter of watch a youtube video about their dps rotation to get ready for high level raids. -If staff won't remove the gear that people got yesterday from the thousands of LP, then another Solution to the problem would be Compensate the people who Did Not buy anything at all with their LP yesterday, so they won't feel cheated, and the people who bought boxes won't have anything removed from their inventory. An extra compensation of LP for people who (i repeat) Did Not buy anything at all but opened at least one Egg yesterday would be fair for everyone.
  11. The BASE ilvl is 875 from normal lootboxes, it can still get upgraded to 915, for example people who donates for 885 NH lootboxes feel cheated because they pay real money for something that people can get only by taking advantage of a bug, and the fact that admins let them keep such items from exploiting just decreases server quality and makes people to not want to donate again.
  12. They won't quit server, as much they will stop playing these alts... and after all if i was an admin i'd rather to lose 10 players instead of having 95% of the server population thinking they were cheated by a few if that would be the case!
  13. We are not talking about 2-3k loyalty points spent on crates, some players spent more than 25k before it's removal (and got boosted from nothing to about 900 ilvl). You consider unfair that they get gear removed while others consider unfair that they couldn't spend not even a single point.
  14. It kinda creates an unbalance and decreases server's quality by having a few abusers who got fully geared in less than one day, more than people who play fair for months.
  15. Donation bonus for this easter