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  1. You can now also view our omegalul bs on yt No pacto player will be able to hide their cringe more to come
  2. <Pacto de los Dioses> is the most successful PvE-focused and high-end raid progression guild on Sylvanas and currently we are recruiting additional players to strenghten our roster in order to complete our Antorus the Burning Throne & Tomb of Sargeras progress. Considering this guild has positioned itself to be the best on the server with previous raids and mythic boss kills, we would also like do finish Legion content as the best by killing the only remaining bosses still undefeated by anyone, that being: Argus (ATBT), Fallen Avatar (ToS) and Kil'jeaden (ToS). About us: Pacto has been around on Sylvanas from the start, competing in mythic progress races within the first raids like Emerald Nightmare and Trial of Valor. Over the years, many other guilds had risen and fallen, however Pacto is pheraps the last and only high-end guild who maintained it's roster, community, motivation and team spirit with the goal to be remembered as the best. The guild is mostly populated with spanish speaking players, however, for many months the doors have been opened to english speaking players as well who also have their place here and since many of the spanish speaking players also speak english in some capacity, all of us are able to communicate well. Outside of raids we tend to socialise and chat with each other over Discord, do mythic+ dungeons on Legion and some of us play on BfA. In short, we are a tight group consisted of some of the best players on the server, striving for constant improvement while withstanding the test of time and staying together when others fell apart. What can Pacto offer you? Raiding: We give you the opportunity to participate in raids which will hopefully see us downing some of the most difficult bosses in WoW such as Kil'jeaden, Argus & Avatar. We provide equal opportunities for both old and new players to prove themselves to us with their skill level, attendance and participation in raids. Community: As stated before, Pacto is a long lasting guild. We offer stability and people with the same mindset as yourself - raiding hardcore and downing bosses before any other guild. What do we expect from you? Commitment: All applicants and trial players should have a good attitude towards hardcore raiding. You will be required to dedicate yourself to our raiding schedule if you wish to keep your spot and progress through the ranks within the guild. You will also be encouraged to bring your alts in the guild and play them if you wish (assuming they are good enough). Critisism: You should be able to handle constructive critisism if it is directed at you by the Guild master/raid leader, officer or another player. Attendance: We operate on a 7-day raid schedule. Few of these days will be farming focused in order to reach bosses we have to progress on. Everyone is highly encouraged to participate in farm raids, not only to get the gear you may need, but also to show us your overall performance such as DPS/HPS, handling boss mechanics etc. in an environment where everyone else is doing the same. Farm raids give you the chance to stand out. Communication: WoW is a team game and communication is the most important thing when we raid. Therefore you will be required to use Discord, have a working headset and understand either Spanish or English. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Progress and accomplishments: Antorus the Burning Throne 10/11M - (current server 1st: Aggramar) Tomb of Sargeras: 7/9M - (current server 1st: Maiden of Vigilance) Nighthold: 10/10M - server 1st Gul'dan Trial of Valor: 3/3M - server 1st Helya Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M - server 3rd Xavius ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you wish to apply and compete with the best head over to our site and make an application there or contact me, officers or the guild master for an interview.
  3. It has nothing to do with "new content attracts more or new players". Like yea that's true ofcourse but the question is will it keep those players and answer is probably not because even retail isn't keeping players. BfA is a failiure in eyes of most people so I agree with Sam.
  4. I updated the issues in regards to BM. Check it out and give it an upvote to let the devs see.Lot's of effort was put into this.
  5. Upvote and help the hunters out. Lots of work has been put into this.
  6. Updates on the topic regarding Beast mastery. Upvote and help bring these issues to light
  7. My latest update on the BM hunter issues. give it an upvote and help the firestorm hunters
  8. This was a 100% intentional nerf they did, however they took it too far. KC has to be nerfed back up a bit along with fixing dire beast melee which is quite bugged and also sneaky snakes damage. If they don't do that, then they should revert KC to deal damage it did to compensate for other bugged damage and keep the spec viable
  9. Good evening and merry Christmas. Seems like Firestorm's xmas present for Beast Mastery hunters was single handedly robbing them of 400k DPS. I'll start off by saying I play in one of the top raiding guilds on Firestorm and I don't say it to brag, but to communicate that I know what I'll be speaking of in this thread which is Beast Mastery spec that I played both on retail Legion, and now here. I'll try to keep this as short as possible although this topic deservs proper coverage. So let's begin. Yesterday, on 24th of December, Firestorm decided to significantly nerf Kill Command spell for BM which is the main damaging ability of the spec. Since I play competitively, I spend conciderable number of hours doing nothing but hitting the training dummy, going over different playstyles, talent builds and gear builds to find what works best for me. So before this nerf I used to do tests on the dummy that lasted 4 minutes and i used pet BL on pull to try to recreate a boss environment as much as I could. At the end of those 4 minutes I ended up on around 2.03M dps most of the times. Today I did same, and had my dps stick around 1.60M dps. So unless I got hit by a brick, that is around 400k dps drop which is mesmerising. It's almost AN ENTIRE QUARTER of my usual dps being taken away. Now let's get into the math of this "fix". Firestorm many times stated it's goal is to be as blizzlike as possible so let's see what the numbers were on retail. If you went to WarcraftLogs you would be able to see that during 7.3. BM hunters in ToS Mythic did over 2.00M dps on the majority of bosses. THAT are retail numbers, and these players were about 940 in ilvl when they were performing with these numbers. If we look at overall dps of BM before this "fix", then it's actually ironic how this "broken" kill command compensated for all other innacurate spells that dont do enough dmg as they should bc its a private server and made the final number at the end of lets say Harjatan mythic on Firestorm, surprisingly similar to final numbers on Harjatan mythic retail. That is about it. For the love of Shelby, nerf it if you have to but not THIS much. It's not right for the game to have one of it's specs dps nerfed by 400k overnight. From 2.00M dps to 1.60M dps. Think of those numbers. That's all. If a person from FS team who worked on this fix is reading this, just revert kill command to what it was, then test it, compare to retail numbers on WLogs and see the final number fits. Kill Command itself may do more than it did on retial but it's good bc it compensated for wrong numbers spec alrdy had like Sneaky Snakes doing less damage for instance. I'm out. Again, merry Christmas FS community.
  10. This will be a post I alrdy made on firestorm support discord channel. I suppose this is a better place to but it. Idk if this was Firestorms xmas present for BM hunts but if it is, it sux real mfkn bad here is the post: Aight. I'll try to be somewhat calm about this. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to nerf BM Kill Command so much. Just yday I was doing 2.00M dps on training dummy over 4 minutes with BL on pull, and today I do 1.60M. This is absurd. I can realise it needed a slight nerf but this is 400k difference we're talking about. I thought Firestorm was aiming to be blizzlike but if you look at warcraftlogs site and check out 7.3. BM damage for ToS mythic bosses you'll see top players do over 2.0M dps on most bosses. Now you could make an argument that I with this "fix" to Kill Command things are working properly and then proceed to say I suck for doing 1.60M but I wouldn't agree. I play in one of the more competetive guilds on the server so I'm quite confident in saying i know what im doing and i'm sorry but to nerf a spec by 400k overnight isn't a fix. Ironic thing is that while Kill Command was doing more damage, the overall numbers of BM were more fitting to numbers which were on retail. So to wrap up, right now BM on firestorm is less blizzlike than it was with this "fix". I'd like some contact with the person who implemented this change. In the meantime I'll put this up on forums too because when spec loses 400k in dps overnight, it's very appropriate to be bitching over it. P.S. I hear retri paladins got nerfed too, rogues are supposedly next and if their situation is similar to BM then firestorm will move even more away from the idea of being "blizzlike"
  11. I'd rly stop waiting for HFC, they're not releasing it. Only way they will release it is if they see Gul'dan population rise and so far it's been falling. To them it makes no sense to invest in a server that is going downhill, they would rather put those resources into Legion.
  12. Screw buying it again. Yea i want it upgraded to 955 if i alrdy payed for 940. Why wouldn't I? Especially now when I've been told by gm that store items wont go to 955 anyway. Im tilted to max I explained why i want it, if u dont know, read the post again. Im not in situation some ppl may be. I didnt play here for 2 years
  13. Whats the goddam deal with 940 store items going to 955 and price still bein fixed at 300 gold points? I joined FS a month ago from retail n bought like 5 items bc i wanted to join a certain guild rather soon n be able to compete with ppl alrdy there who have been playin a while. when the update was about to hit i spoke to GM and asked him will my 940 items I payed for go to 955 and he said no BUT he also said the store times will stay capped at 940. Seeing the store now and all 955 items I realise he was an utter liar. Reason I write this is bc I'd like an explanation from someone over at FS team to explain me why did an employee disinform me and more importantly just why do the 940 items myself n other ppl bought not upgrade to 955 this is such first class money grubbing. Myself and other players on this server paying a solid amount of money to get these great items and now having to pay supposedly once again same 300 GP price if they want to get those same damn items but 15 ilvls higher. just like.. whaaat? Do a decent thing, upgrade 940 items that people have already payed for to 955 and then if they want let them continue buying new 955 items they might want if they wish to invest in that. This is such a disgraceful thing to do. People wanting a bit of a boost so they get 940 items, not knowing store will be updated, in the process helpin the server since its sort of a "donation" for Firestorm, but then same store items get upgraded to 955, and now if those people want again lets say unstable arcanocrystal bc it tends to be most popular, they have to pay again 300 gold points for the same damn item thats 15 ilvl higher. Just abysmal
  14. Any chance we'll ever see upright posture for orcs? I assume FS team can provide it if they can bring in allied races.
  15. Any updates on ToS mythic being released anytime soon?