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  1. Some GM or anyone like that here? On PTR i want to teleport my character to Ashran,but everytime game crashed and im unaviable to play on this character Is there some solution?
  2. @2ice0 I can stream a loading screen if you want
  3. As we see,Firestorm make same mistake as they do with Legion...
  4. @hidaren Hmmm thats good idea,it works?
  5. I know its only PTR but they can do it same way with the first Legion beta...just open it for a few players and later open more slots and make public alfa,beta ect... and finaly make a functional release Everybody knows the servers cant hold a lot of people in early stages of opening. It was same with Legion,servers and DH starting zones was full of players and servers canot hold it...i like Firestorm its great privat server,but sometimes i think the developers/programers whatever is realy stupid...
  6. It need some ingame download?
  7. Im on