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  1. Maybe u don't have order hall resources ?
  2. Surely we will keep it up, but will you be able to keep it up with us ? We got unlucky with keys that's all. And about DH Rogue swap, if you check we run with many other classes , we don't stick with one roster. Good luck for you.
  3. BORIS is coming <3
  4. 3 chest ? Dude show me a screen of a prot warrior with 3 chest ( not HoV ) i'll stop playing right now.
  5. You never been with a good DK tank And Yes, All tanks are viable, i'm tanking with more than 3 classes ( DK/DH/BM/Bear/Paly ) no problems at all
  6. Yea i know that for sure, but he asked if we can equip more than 1 not if we can loot more than 1
  7. That's quite impossible
  8. Yea but that will need class hall upgrades and as you can see we are still on 7.0.3 content so what's the point of having 3 legendaries equiped :3
  9. Hello, do you realize that we can't equipe more than one legendary ?
  10. Hello nothing special about it. Just copy paste like this.
  11. Farewell Misahky..... Ah i mean happy 1 year.
  12. Hello, the available artifact weapons skins that i know about are : Drood's and Hunter's that drop from Ursoc, Shaman's that drop from Leventus, Piest's that drop from Il’gynoth, Prestige lvl skins and the one that supposed to unlock via completing the class hall campaign ( having 25 trait will unlock it ).
  13. It's 30% loot chance and i still didn't get a single loot with my 7 chars for all the world bosses. Feelsbatman
  14. Hello @Guy21 try to contact shop support. Here is a link :
  15. I believe the ilvl wont be a problem the raid will be somehow easy for coordinated party. The patch will not be a problem since you have the 7.0.3 already.