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  1. @Stryder thank you
  2. as the title says world quests are not working for me when i kill the mob required by any world quest the mob doe not get counted ( as if i did nothing) i tried cleaning cashe and using analyse ad repair but neither worked am not the only one with this problem ( same thing happened to another death knight ) should i reinstall the game or what ? please help !
  3. last boss in dark heart thiket normal keeps on fearing over and over and two shots the tank ( ilvl 836) as seen in the picture ( one dps gave up and left ) and by the way when we que as party in rdf the role check does not pop up and it keeps on saying role check even tho it does not pop up ( when queing individually it works just fine )
  4. is it just me or cataclysm attack no longer works for destruction warlocks ?