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  1. Not carried, is literally winrated by hyoka and he accepts it whe un say him winraterd
  2. fuck titles is bugged pvp wait season2 plx
  3. noice
  4. omg i feel so sad for this, that rlly hurts
  5. congrulation so, and nice arenas
  6. lul, i apologize whit u if i won u on arena, its not my foult
  7. i really did expect ur congrulation but ty anyway, i just answer u to the ilvl dont matter but if u dont believe me, its okay. And not, we dont get raid apperances for tmog, is only pvp server.
  8. i won team 880+ ilvl whit random alter 850, yes, i speaking serious.
  9. on instantiaded pvp the ilvl really dont matter, if u have 35 traits and good ilvl artifact weapon, u will stick the same as 890 ilvl guy.
  10. yep, just like that, if u get more cr = u get better ilvl. its about having skill.
  11. anyway, on pvp instantiated it only counts up to 35 traits
  12. i think they should can transfer sylvanas characters from greymane