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  1. i need help, tranfered Dk and losted items (corrupted Ashbringer)
  2. Title: Bugged Into the Night quest Type: Website Description:  alliance: 110lvl Pureblook Bugged into the night quest disappeared from the airport and where you can not go throwing away people and not be able to do the quest.! On the other hand, the warrior heroic jump is delayed. please repair the quest
  3. my place #329 till when I have to wait? occurred only unfortunately already once not email title irtam unfortunately, I hope for it because of that at what elöbb succeeds and it is not necessary to wait for weeks for this problem.329
  4. Hello everyone It would be my problem that once yet Gul'dan on I was playing and I would like to come back but I forgot my email address mett there are more,I remember my password,polythrone 100 mages were the characters © MorphoLogic 1991-2
  5. Hi I bought the faction change in the evening yesterday the alliance (Shapiron-Human Deathknight) my character, carrying was from this orc (Domaniton-Orc Deathknight) and in the course of the transfer the pvp-gear alliance was left over. May doing something be this in a case? Greet your help would be very important because the 810 items are levels-only 600 were left over.Pls Help.!!