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  1. facepalm....go and serv your king, my blue-eye friend.
  2. Soon... 7.3.5 will be coming to our live realms! Are you ready to do Legion Assaults? iteresting....how soon, 1 or 2 month?
  3. Pls add AP to vendor, that we can buy by mark of honor
  4. ofc he/she can and i think it will look like - Soon.... kappa
  5. Srsly, no info about that
  6. How old are u? But they can make cross...
  7. How old are you...my little friend? AK will be set at 25lvl. Its pvp realm, so why i must waste my time for reseach?
  8. fix
  9. for example http://www.wowhead.com/npc=106786/bitterbrine-slave#drops:mode=m look at % 0.1% it seems like joke
  10. Coz according to templates all Intellect based classes received 155% of their priority stat