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  1. RIP my assa rogue with 858ilvl and 40 traits which cant go under 50% hp o holy/disco priest with full burst when they have worse eq as me ...and bcs penance cant interupt and disco has more dmg as me or holy has mega heals...other healers are weak or killable, but not priests
  2. and MM hunters templates are broken too when my buddy can burst everyone in few secs when he crit 3x 800k but I saw only few hunters so good (probably high traits) but still too much big dmg
  3. I have now 20lvl knowledge and i can easy farm AP, i have 30+- traits on all my must only spam HCs when you dont have ID or make premade BG group and farm BGs
  4. you cant set up "Max" bcs ppl never used 100% potencial of his class let it set up "75%" as it was....
  5. Hi, i want to ask, does mastery work for assa rogue? Bcs i saw videos from offi when 850ilvl assa rogue with 38% crit 70% mastery with 16 traits do 350k dmg single target and burst 470k and here i have 155% mastery, 35% crit, 29 traits and 845ilvl and my dps is always 200k +-20k burst 350k i tried every talent combination and dps was still it maybe my vision bug on stats or mastery doesnt work properly with poisons.
  6. Rated arena will be on 7.1.5 patch...then i think it will be in summer/autumn, with this speed of fixing
  7. Yeah in raids, not dungeons...SP is good dps for long fight not for burst in dungeons..I cry in corner with assa rogue dps 845ilvl 160% mastery 30 traits in weapon and my dps is 200k and this class with demo lock was top single target dps
  8. yy, everyone knows about retri bugged honor talent which can heal nonstop when you had under 20% hp, you need huge dmg to kill him, bcs this talent heals him, always to 20% is reason why retri palas have better healing as healers in BG
  9. These are major bugs for rogues in pvp/pve and either doesnt work any golden traits for outlaw (mainly greed), artefact weapon skill works only 6-8 sec instead of 12 sec and for assa spec 2 dmg traits doesnt work too...and rogue CM doesnt care about it...i hope, they will take new CMs for rogues too, bcs Valeria is useless.
  10. great news finally ill can main sub and try her in pve too..
  11. That 2 really good sub rogues, you mean lampycka and sinergy? ....sublety rog works good in world pvp but in BGs/arenas i have maybe 50-70% lower dmg...and sub has the most bugged energy regen not assa
  12. Hi, I want ask about sublety rogue template stats in BGs/arenas bcs I have about 300k less hp as on outlaw or assa rogue...I have same eq,trait lvl,honor skills, etc...anybody can answer on it? Why I have lower hp on sub against outlaw/assa?
  13. You can ask my guild members which play UH for advice how to make huge dps on single target, when you dont know it
  14. Dks only 350k? We have in my guild UH dks which can make 700k dps not burst, Fire/arcane mage with 400k+, DHs 400k+,enha 600k dps its horrible...this dps can make on offi with 890ilvl and not with 840ilvl ....and on other side assa rogue,SP, demo lock which were top single target dps on offi in7.0.3 patch, are here total useless. These things will take long time to fix it.
  15. My group doesnt have any problem with boss drop, yesterday we droped about 8 epic items and many blue 820-835 items from 5HC dungeons....its all about luck