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  1. all this and the shitload of bugs and server will be unstable for days
  2. Where are all these cancerous ppl coming from??? Trolling,ninja puliing,ruining every raid,mm+ they join... what is going lately?
  3. 26m dmg barely
  4. I used 2 different dps addons all showing same idk wtf is this
  5. Is it bugged again,im doing barely 80k dps...
  7. Mounts from Nalak,Zandalari Warbringer,Altarius etc,are they supposed to have extremely low drop chance,or is it due to RNG?
  8. This is nothing new for firestorm
  9. ;/
  10. Some paladin from Prophecy calling a guy garbage because he had lower dps then others,DH raging at us in Return to Kara because we had lower dps,resto shaman who was with us in mos mm+ raging at tank for no apparent reason,always the same everytime i see prophecy member,Is this providing some satisfaction,does it make u feel better? If we are all so bad why u even do anything with us?
  11. -.-

    EHM ur not listening tide noone want enh in his group not in en hc or mm or high mm+ key,every guild i was in so far didnt gave a fuck about the moment they saw my dps. I only see 2 options,to wait for more fixes or to leave server.
  12. -.-

    It is over 300k,but it doesnt matter over 500k dps is low according to 90% of sylvanas "omg shamy more dps" "omg kick this shamy low dps" "shamy so low dps" and it goes like that EVERY FUCKING DAY
  13. -.-

    Exactly as Sacred said,i cant even find a guild,or even gear up,i thought about going to different server but i have no time to go from 0 again,i have no idea wtf to do...
  14. -.-

    Why is enh shaman useless again,what u have against them ? Why kids cant understand that