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  1. mythic+

    Hey yesterday i did a MOS 16 and in the two chest that i got Item lvl 875 even after the nighthold the item lvl for mythic + still low it's not even worth it no more at least with thos NH boxes you can pretty much get 900Ilvl
  2. legendary

    Well i got friend that still have a 1 legendary even his farming a loot. i feel that the legendary drop is F%%k up for me i got 11legendarys but my friend that do almost the same MM+ raids...... HE Still go 1 i gess they need to do a check up about it i feel bad for people that still have 1-2 legendary after the grinding they are doing Hope some staff membre awnser us
  3. Can't we disable the ''Alpha test buff'' It's annoying we want to try it with out it at least do a pnc to give you the buff i hope you can do something about it
  4. Why not do a PTR serveur to fix and script thing why do u always ruin people's day with spam crash for the new raid i am not agaisnt the testing at least do it in another realm or something people can't raid or Dg arena bg every crash is so annoying at least do the thing in another realm not crashing 8times EVERY 5Min god damn it
  5. So any any update. isn't the time to release nighthold with TOV MM it's basically the same ilvl and we are hoping to do at least the 3first boss and like that the more people will try to test the other boss's and give you more details and issue's it will help the developers too .