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  1. When will have the reste of the TOS bosses?
  2. like why not do a beta after the PTR it would be better than this crash party
  3. FOR GOD sake we wanna play like normal people without crash or lags or why can't we play before I hope 7.1.5 back btw legit serveur crash every 30min or like yesterday everyone play with 100000ping i hope you do something about because it's for real tilting people losing there shit because of this and the staff....i don't know like they don't care or they don't even bother explain why...... JUST plz plz do something!
  4. can you give us some information about the mythic + rewards in 7.3.5 like item level for every mythic and how you guy will do the rewards like weekly chest
  5. Just....... amazing staff members SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON
  6. When sooon sooon sooon sooon at least give us a time exactly and don't tell me soon plz
  7. is it me or the serveur is now so so boring like when you hit 895+ ilvl the game start to be boring nothing to do and i gess everyone has the 54Traits like even if you do mythic it's not rewarding like a 900ilvl doing a +18 to loot 875 the only thing to not be bored is to do some nighthold i gess it's soo boring people can't hold it till the next months for the 7.3.5 i know a loot of peopel that start to change serveur i gess if they can't do anything before the BFA the serveur will lose so much players. i hope you give me some feedback guys and your opinion about it sorry for the bad english
  8. Well i with my warrior i can do 800k with the fury spec while with my arme spec i got stats i got the BIS legendary and traits/ 4piece of nighthold an i can deal 400K with a good procs the dps is soo low in mortal strike while when i proc a execute with my Legednarry finger i can deal a 1M+ at least while mortel strike deal 600K crit i hope they can fix it the arme spec is a good spec to an a godlike FOR 7.3
  9. mythic+

    Hey yesterday i did a MOS 16 and in the two chest that i got Item lvl 875 even after the nighthold the item lvl for mythic + still low it's not even worth it no more at least with thos NH boxes you can pretty much get 900Ilvl
  10. players that are above 890+ ilvl can do MM+15 and higher for what reward ? for just 875 item or just AP it's kinda worth it lol
  11. @tweek is it normal to drop only artifact points if you get One chest tin a Mythic +15 or higher every time 60% of the time is AP just it Thx for the reply
  12. legendary

    Well i got friend that still have a 1 legendary even his farming a loot. i feel that the legendary drop is F%%k up for me i got 11legendarys but my friend that do almost the same MM+ raids...... HE Still go 1 i gess they need to do a check up about it i feel bad for people that still have 1-2 legendary after the grinding they are doing Hope some staff membre awnser us
  13. Hellow guys i am here to open a discussion about the mythics Well the chance of looting a 880+ in a mythic 15 or higher is almost like 20% but it should be more at least i did a loot and a loot of mythics +15 and higher and 85% of the items are 875 or 880. The probleme is if a normal player do a mythic +5-10 the is a chance that one of the group will loot a least one item 885+ or higher i don't feel hard try mythics it feels like your doing something normal,waisting your time it's not even rewarding at all i can promess you guys i didn't even drop a 890+ from a Mythic +15 or higher it's like almost stoping player from looting but it should be the opposite the loot proc in the higher mythics are way higher from the others. I hope you can give me your ideas and opinions in this one PS: as you can see i did a loot of mythics this week and i didn't even get a chance of 880+ everythings is 70% is item 875 and the 30% is AP
  14. Can't we disable the ''Alpha test buff'' It's annoying we want to try it with out it at least do a pnc to give you the buff i hope you can do something about it
  15. Why not do a PTR serveur to fix and script thing why do u always ruin people's day with spam crash for the new raid i am not agaisnt the testing at least do it in another realm or something people can't raid or Dg arena bg every crash is so annoying at least do the thing in another realm not crashing 8times EVERY 5Min god damn it