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  1. i did make once a ingame ticket .. then GM told me to delete Cache folder and WTF folder .. and that didnt help .. then i like edit my ticket saying it didnt help and then my ticket got deleted ..
  2. My Profs are bugged on my Warr and only Warr like this .. Look SS .. i have learned Fishing and Archeology but cant do anything with them .. as u can see i cannot even see ive learned them .. also i have unlearned Tailoring and the slot where 2nd prof should be also looks the way my Secondary profs looks .. Any1 know anything about this . ? i donno what to do .. i wanna learn new Profs but i cant rly .. HELP ME PLS !!
  3. i Typed my Email wrong so i cannot confirm my acc .. (dont understand why it can accept and account that dont exist from Pandashan) Cannot Change Email coz u need confirmation on changing your Email .. can i get some help pls . ?
  4. ill write my issue/problem the right place .. u can delete, close or what ever with this topic ..
  5. hmm .. is it possible for me to get some help . ? (hmm forgot to ask) been up all night hoping for some help or change ..
  6. i miss typed my email name .. i made a ticket on the website hoping for some help .. now trying here .. its coz of my other email it ends with .dk so i miss typed that insted of .com .. and cant change it my self coz it sends an email to confirm the change and cant enter that email ..