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  1. they worked for me,i did all yday
  2. it will be a total bullshit server if they go straith to 7.3
  3. can u say if the weekly chest for m+10 has a chance to proc 895? or it is still caped to 885?
  4. if u increase the base in chest can proc to 895, naw its 885 max,after update it will be 880 at +10 witth a chance to be titanforged to 895 right?
  5. U meen +2 will grant for sure 880,or +15 will be 880? Weekly chest/
  6. if the pic its related i m sure thats the new blade edge arena map,i asked him to add them(nagrad arena too) in dicord before i got my az baned by him there :))
  7. whats that,blade arena or?
  8. Legit eng bombs are main dmg + 4 dmg ticks Abuse is like 4 ticks than anather main charge,preaty easy to see with a basic recap of the dmg taken All the reports from above are made just becouse of their lack of knowledge about the item itself.
  9. That dmg is just the tick from gunpowder...o do with initial hit more than 400k crited sometimes for 800k in bg`s
  10. Close it,he is just trashtalking.
  11. I think i missed the part in wich i was embaresed,its hard for someone with your IQ to comprehand the meanings of a discusion in english + meta granting 30% without soul rendering was still a bug abuse and since u did it since season started u should geting a perm ban acording to your own fucking logic. Also report a player works,use it instead of trashtalking.
  12. I agree,can anyone search his DH and reset his rating to 0 ,he used meta that was bugged ,granting 100% leach so he farmed rating with a bugged feature.
  13. Enjoy.
  14. Delete wtf folder completly and use lawncher,its faster.(make sure the folder with your legion client is selected in lawncher setings)
  15. My tooltip is 1m dmg on windlord,and if u look on recount report u can see i barely hit that with a crit...there are strikes under 200k atm with windlord,+ take in consideration i have 43%mastery that should do 43% more dmg in nonseqential hits...atm is doing nothing. Maybe QA members can do some tests on ww monks to see whats the couse of this.