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  1. The game disconnects every 10 minutes (not cuz of my connection). Pointless to play. Not gonna play till it gets fixed. I know it's been like that since Firestorm, but it wasn't happening that frequently...
  2. What about Tomb of Sargeras? Will it also be released with 7.3 on Firestorm?
  3. Worked! Thanks!
  4. Do you have this bug too? http://prnt.sc/e3m29j Whenever I put the leg sweep into the action bar, it changes to this "Disabling Technique" spell, I don't know why... Do you guys know how to fix it?
  5. nvm, delete this I just had to abandon and redo it...
  6. I'd finally like to choose a faction but I have to complete this Q to achieve it, and the quest is ofc bugged. There should be a dialog with Ji Firepaw but he isn't on the place he should be.
  7. When will be the Legion in open beta so everyone will be able to play?