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  1. Still waiting for Class mount Quest line ?? *Sleep*
  2. This is imposible to do if ur not a Feral Druid, a Monk or a Warlock...oh and Healer challenge is bug as fk
  3. Please fix the DAMM quests lines to get the class mounts.
  4. omg guys ur are so efficient thank you for nothing
  5. Character Name: Néwt Issue: Sylvanas Operating System: Win 10 64 bits How was your game downloaded?: Blizzard Describe your problem: I get disconnected from server every hour since like 1 week ago. Its getting on my nerves, i need some help I have a good internet connection i have upadated my drivers, changed my connection data to prevent being used by others than me, erased cache folder, and nothing im still getting disconnected. Tried other server and doesnt happen at all. It sucks cuz when im in the middle of a mithyc + or raid i get kicked or bug.
  6. I have a good internet connection, but i've been with this problem where i get disconnected from server every hour since like 5 days ago. Its getting on my nerves, i need some help
  7. how can i do that
  8. As far as I know only by FS shop u can get them.
  9. Well as i said, tried to send the recuit a friend email to my buddy to his Gmail account but nothing, tried like 5 times and still nothing, I tried to send the invitation to my own gmail cuz I saw many ppl "fixed" the problem that way but still nothing arrived. (it is his main email so its not a new account) Is there a way to make that work?
  10. I feel ya its a pain in the a$$
  11. Hi there. Well my problem is that Glyph of the sentinel doesnt work at all, it just looks as the regular travel form. (30 k wasted) =(
  12. Dear Diary is already afternoon :v they trollin ..oh by the way that guy i like,,is married so i´ll kill his family.
  13. its 6:15 pm ahahaha pretty plsss !!!
  14. Trol :v