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  1. quest bug

    realm: sylvanas name:tazzyy I can't the seet the NPC of this quest "To old friends" from the questline of valshara when come closer to yasera the NPC to gave her the quest after i did it she disappear can someone tell me what to do pls .
  2. why no one from the stuff replying to this !!!!!!
  3. realm: sylvanas name:tazzyy Hello, the problem is when i try to finish this quest "To old friends" at valshara storyline i can't see yasera to gave her the quest to continue because i'm phased or something wrong pls help me it's the last questline to unlock my flying in legion because when i come closer i can't see her but from away i see her i hope u help me guys . Thx
  4. guys just let them take the time maybe they came up with good work be patient :))))))