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  1. Probably will be added to the shop like the WoD flying was.
  2. I would like to add, the Cloth item (the epic drop) is obtainable I just used it as and example and introduction to the suggestion.
  3. Title: Circle of Flame Type: Shop Description:  Since the WoD gear is in the shop now I think would be awesome to have this item as a "vanity" item. Circle of Flame is an epic drop from a boss in Blackrock Depths, my suggestion is: In WoD in the anniversary event, the players were able to kill ragnaros back in Molten Core again and thies items are a drop from it. Crown of Woe, Crown of Destruction, Crown of Desolation. Basically is the same model but for every type of armor, would be awesome for transmog and since we have the Core Hound mount too in the shop, why not?
  4. Jaja - Jess favorite son. Jaja