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  1. Title: Prestige Type: Shop Description:  Hey just a suggestion there should be a prestige shop where you can buy character prestige's 1-25 it would be really cool but its just a suggestion.
  2. omg look at my char name jeez swear you have bi-polar
  3. no bob no idea was proper farming aswell rip
  4. Hello anyone know why i get this error ive updated the game recently to 7.3.5 and still get this error had it since 7.1.5 any help would be appreciated
  5. Hello i can not purchase points or get them because it says payment sytem blocked? " Payment system was blocked for you. Dear User, If you believe this is a mistake, please email us at verifyme@paymentwall.com with subject "Payment system blocked - My ID 02#74327820". The verification process we have in place is to combat fraudulent activity and to make sure there are no problems. We apologize for all the inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you, Paymentwall Team.