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  1. Title: Deleting member post. Type: Forums Description:  It could be kind that when you delete legitimate, polite and relevant post from a member to let him know why..
  2. All i can say.... Is that i prefer WoD guldan than official Legion server from blizzard, but yea many bugs (Devs working on it), no 3s really, 2s q sometime long, some cheaters (but GMs works on it), there is some rbgs but nothing serious and for PvE im definatly not your guy to answer that. So in conclusion, if you dont like 2s this server is not for you but if you like it you ll have some fun over here. Oh ! normal bgs are insta pop most of the time.
  3. There is a vidéo of their last match with an interview..... enjoy ! p.s. This is purely humoristic, so look at it like it should be.
  4. Omg ! 13 screenshot.... this guy is more retarded than i tough. Any of those lose because of his friend Trade(Ddos)godx ?
  5. disc/disc/sub Rofl !
  6. I play on WoDs server since couples months, mostly arenas. During this time twice i was able to make report about cheater with good proof, in fact the most obvious proof and both got tagged as *invalid* So lets recap.. the first report i made was this one: The player named Kzq what using somekind of hack that allowed him to spam stormstrike with no gcd and with more than 1 proc each time. The GM gave me as answer that he could not see the timelaps, so maybe he was just sitting in place and doing only each gcds and nothing else, either do i. But at some points you guys need to use common sense a little.. 8m dmg doing only stormstrike vs hunter/disc (2 class that can kite him forever) all that at 2700mmr. Don't need to be a genius to figure out. Lets swap on my second report: In this report i even provided a video that clearly show Xtrap (my oponent hunter) moving normal speed even with on him which one is a 50% slow in WoD. You can clearly notice it douzen times in that video even with the low resolution. I know pretty much all good players on this server and like 15 of them sent me a msg after viewing the video *good job, you got him ! thx a lot for recording* etc.. I also got tons of wspers after it get mark as invalid, but im not gonna repeat those here by respect to our GMs. So the big question is.. Is it a lack of competence, gms dont understand game mechanics ? Is it a lack of commitment ? maybe the gm had hard time see the cheat because he is not used to pvp and the 480 resolution was not enough for him. He could have asked me me a better quality video, but he didnt. Is it because gms are sometimes biased ? Maybe the guy i reported have some friend in the staff. Im sorry if any one feel offended, its not my intention to be rude at all. I just want impartiality and good work. This is sad because we all know Wod server is there for pvp and cheating is like cancer for our pvp community, so when we come with obvious proof of cheater we expect sanctions. All we want is a fair game to have fun with friends. Thank you for reading it and make corrections. Zuniez
  7. Hunter - Zanny
  8. Yesterday during some 2s games me and my friend encounter a mirror team and their hunter was able to move his pet on his healer (following him) so he can eat traps. Since we were not able to reproduce it and i remember some bans on WoD s3 retail because of script (cheat) who was doing it, I wonder if it is the case here.... imma link a short clip from one of our match vs them so you can see what im talking about: You ll see me fearing the Disc and sadly after that my camera turn but when he come back in sigh you can clearly see the hunter pet (a bird) following his healer so my hunter cant trap him. For us the moving pet option dont work at all.............. so how he does that ?
  9. How can i recover or reset my password ? Right now i can log only because google and the game luncher saved it. If i post here its because for an unknow reason i cant create topic in the tech forum.
  10. Hi, as a well experienced player on retail (2600-2800 xp player on US servers). I ll take a momment to put at your attention some bugs i noticed in pvp if we compare to how it was on 6.2.3 retail build. Feel free to connact me if you want further details or help of any kind. already know issues: 1- Spectral guise 1 the stealth ability should not break with periodic dammage debuff if you have a power word:shield on yourself. Only direct hit or aoe damage should break it if shield up. Unknow issues: 1- Spectral guise 2 It should make a sound when using the ability. 2- Spectral guise 3 When using the ability it left behind a mirror image of the priest and this image is able to eat hunter traps. Something who was impossible to do on retail. 3- Fear Sometime the fear path we see on screen is not the actual fear path, so it make your opponent teleport at the end of the cc. I'm not sure if its a bug from the fear itself because i noticed it on many other ccs and abilities from other class. 4- Leap of faith 1 there is a huge delay when using it. 5- Leap of faith 2 You cant grip someone who is stunned and can grip somemone who is rooted, should be the reverse. 6- 6.2.3 20 nov. hotfixes 3 days after 6.2.3 was released there was an hotfixes for priest in pvp combat. That hotfix from blizzard was litteraly the move who made disc priest viable in 3s arena. Heres the link **. If the goal is to be like retail, this hotfix should be implemented. Thanks to all team members here to gave us the opportunity to play this great game. Zanniez
  11. Indeed, I also noticed this bug and there is no sound effect when using it like it should be.