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  1. Hi,it is an idea i know Firestorm have been in websites for private servers and they took their server off from there,but it is good idea to get it back .More people will know,more people will join. How people will know without advertising anyway?
  2. Well, to find out what is working he should find out what is not working :). Find the X in the equation.
  3. Spells and talents are bugged AF. Classes,are broken at major point and mechanics. World quests,do not even exists. Proffesions,what is that?is this latin language? Class hall missions,are bugged. Artifact weapons talents,are bugged. GG/
  4. This is a big mess with class spells and talents indeed.When they will gonna,fix this problems?They want,to open new arena seasn but,how they will do that with bugged spells and talents.
  5. I have seen, more and more people,do have this mount actually. Where u are trying,to find it in Sylvanas or in Gul`dan?:)
  6. Thank u mate.Does someone,else have such error or i am the only one? When i try,to connect Gul`dan was offline and crashing many times,but when now is online i can not log in for some reason.
  7. What is happening?The entire,evening i can not connect to Gul`dan? Now i see,it is online but i can not connect,error 114. I can connect,Sylvanas but not Gul`dan.
  8. Well,there is not much progression i see this is true.
  9. I had made a bug report,before 1 week and a half,no fix i see yet.
  10. I had report,this bug already.Lets see,when it will be fixed.
  11. Damn.Ogrimar mount,trainer and mount vendor is bugged in Sylvanas?The f*ck is this. This is insane.It should not be like this!Write to gm,open a ticket,if not start a new char in Gul`dan play there hit 100 lvl,copy ur char to legion first copy is free. My regards.
  12. Let me explain,better. To max a profession in Legion,u need to do quests,quests here are not working so u can not max any profession. To do x and y item in Blacksmithing or in Leatherworking u need,to do for each eat (at end skill of the prof) a quest,which unlocks the item and allows u to craft. Better,ask when they will work.
  13. Better ask,when professions will be fixed maybe ?:) This is the more,right question.
  14. Sbrillocoso i like ignorant people,like u who talk on auto.U just like ,bla bla bla bla bla and bla. I do not even,play in Legion here,cause i did not transfer my chars. I do not have,warlocks in Legion or in Wod,currently playing in Wod. I have enough,information about retail. But i like ignorant people,they talk what they like without using their brain.GG.
  15. There is one problem,about Icecrown. In retail Valithria Dreamwalker,is a boss u can skip. It is like,bonus boss. I have the same problem,i unlock 25 hc but i need,healer to go there because Valithria Dreamwalker can not be skipped. Since in Wod realm,there is a language barrier problem i can not see how i can,find healer.