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  1. Yes, but it takes no work from them.. they literally copy paste it from the WoD server.. i would understand if they had to MAKE it.. then yeah.. but the thing is, its already made. Why would they not just add it?
  2. The WoD server has full working Blackrock Foundry, but it isnt on the Legion server??? why would an older server have it, but the newer one dosnt? People still like to run for transmog gear and just overall raid drops.
  3. Okay so, i was wondering if we will be able to transfer toons that arn't max level to the legion server? because i dont want to have to level all the way to 100 just to play a demon hunter when i could just transfer the level 70 i have since that is what you need... please let us transfer non-max level toons to the legion server.
  4. I think this would be a really good idea for them to get more players since thats kinnda the only thing lacking on the realms atleast for most of them, is population, also with legion coming up this would be a really good idea
  5. Okay... all technical things aside.. please only have 1 legion realm for all countries.. i already cant stand that there are so many realms for each expansion as it is now, it's pointless. I literally have to play on the Spanish server because it has a higher POP.. why not just have 1 realm for all countries? it would make such a bigger community and have so much more players together in the same place instead of split apart just because of were they live. one of the main reasons i dont know if i want to play full time on this server or not is because of population (i think a large amount of people can agree) if you combined all the WoD servers as they are right now there would be 2-3x as many players. Please only have 1 combined realm for legion.
  6. Thank you guys for making it more clear.. because im leveling a rogue on WoD right now and i wasnt going to continue leveling it if you couldnt transfer.
  7. So with legion coming out on the server in the near future. I was wondering if our toons from the WoD servers would be transferred, or do we have to completely re-level?