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  1. we had a classic server for a while. people stopped playing it completely because class mechanics were too difficult. vanilla required skill and knowledge of classes that just isnt here on firestorm. unlikely they will bring back vanilla realm i for one loved it haha
  2. yes there is, as i said all content is clearable but you need a guild or group that doesnt rely completely on the shop Order of Anarchy is an excellent guild for that
  3. So the worthless GMs can tell him they can't help him?? Let me save some time If it's items you bought on the shop or you bought the character on the shop or ANYTHING to do with the shop create a shop support ticket If it's just a character you made on the insta realm and can't rebuy the gear make a technical support ticket in the support section. Also make a bug tracker ticket If you want your gold or currency back because it's gear you legit bought in game you are shit out of luck.
  4. First of all I have made this suggestion multiple times and every single time it gets declined without even an answer. But he is 100% correct. Beyond the legion realms let's look at the other 2 most recent expacs. Mop is working about 75% of what it should be. I know y'all like to say mop is fine classes are balanced and let's be very clear here. You either a. Don't know shit about wow, mop, or basic class fundamentals, B you are SAYING it's fixed so you can use that as reasoning to work on newer expacs / not put any more resources towards mop c you are just lying .EVERYONE knows that classes are not balanced PvP is unbalanced pve it's BARELY scripted and heroics are a fucking joke. Timeless has the bare fucking minimum and the rest of the content is a joke. It is impossible to level 85 to 90 simply questing in 1x rates. Wod it's been a YEAR since wod had a patch. Mythics don't work. Rf doesn't work. PvP is unbalanced and my FAVORITE PART. WE CANT EVEN DO ALL THE WOD RAIDA BECAUSE YOU DROPPED WOD FOR LEGION. Stop pushing new expacs at the expense if what we already have. Stop WHORING THE FUCKING SERVERso you can make money
  5. Legion is trash broken. Wod hasn't been patched in over a year. Mists is about 75% of what it should he and you want bfa? People like you who contribute to this bullshit are what is going to kill this server. Saddest thing is that they ARE working on bfa. This server has gone to shit. It's all about making money. They don't care about the players. They don't care about content. All they care about is pushing new expansions and using it to make money in the shop. Bfa should fucking wait. Fix the broken content that is already here. Holy shit you can't even fully progress in wod cuz they never finished the raid content. Fuck bfa
  6. Let's be honest and break it down realm by realm Wotlk : not worth playing in this server. Not all raid content works, no patches, pvp unbalanced and not retail like zero game master activity Cata: not worth playing this server. Dead population most raids bugged to fuck zero gm and Dev attention. PvP is a joke MoP: worth playing. Of all the realms mop has the most working content and aside from legion is the ONLY expac here to get a patch in the recent months. Some game master activity though any major problems will need a gm of higher rank and THAT game master never logs in unless it's to ban someone for impersonating themselves (inveric). 2nd most active expansion and THE most active single realm. Mop almost matches BOTH of legions realms COMBINED. PvP is buggy but relatively fair. Raid content MOSTLY works. Wod :wod is the joke of the server. If you want to play wod pick another server. ZERO game masters not a single patch IN OVER A YEAR. Mythics don't work. End game raids aren't even spawned. Garrison's work about 60%. If you a here for wod don't waste your time. Legion (both realms) buggy as fuck. End game content doesn't work. Plenty of Dev attention (for the next week then fuck everyone they will be on bfa 100%). Active game masters BUT the staff here are a JOKE it is honestly better to not have game masters at all than to have the staff on roster currently (some exceptions ofc) Overall: if you want to play mop then yes there server is worth playing. If you can handle bugs then yeah legion is worth playing UNTIL you need fair staff treatment then you are shit out of fucking luck. Tbh I have been here for over 6 years and mop is the only reason I am still here. I tried wod and loved it but they dropped it for legion and never finished it so meh. Firestorm legion gave me aids. And bfa is going to be worse. Just being honest but this reply will likely get deleted
  7. Isn't there a portal right at spawn to organize? (There is on mop)
  8. Would you like to buy some kale? It is annoying as fuck though
  9. this topic is about Legion. the one you are linking is about MoP
  10. Yeah none of what he said is correct Raid mop : SoO Population can be found on the main site. We (mop) averages around 1k, mostly Spanish though Mop is cross faction. Horde and alliance can share guilds auction houses and raid together. Other than that it's a normal pve server (human in uc will be flagged, you can gank flagged Ally/horde, etc) you can party horde/Ally but make sure you are not breaking the cross faction healing rule Now for some additional info: I have been here since the original server opened in 2012. Mop is the best realm content wise and 2nd in population. There is 2 semi active game masters (English). Tickets can be handled anywhere from a day or 2 to a month or more depending on your luck timing with game masters and of the issue. The pop is mostly Spanish and while I don't want to sound racist 90% of them are trash expecting carries. If you don't speak Spanish I would recommend staying away from them. The entire server is pay to win. You can buy and sell characters on the shop and you can also buy levels top gear professions and gold. The in game economy is trash because of the shop. Skill is hard to find also because of the shop. People get as many achieves as they can and them sell the chars so just because someone has SoO or glad achievements does NOT mean they earned it, have done the content or is that skill level. When looking for serious area or raid member ask them something about tactics or something or better if looking for pvp duel them. Most people have achievements they didn't earn on characters they know nothing about. As far as the SERVER are coming at the worst point of server history. Yes mop is awesome but overall the devs are focusing on bfa so don't expect many more mop patches. Wod hasn't had a patch in over a year. The entire server is all about making money now at the expense of the players. Do not expect staff or admins to care about you. They only care about money. If you have an issue with a staff member reporting them can be a double edged sword. The admin MIGHT do something but mostly they will just say oh we will look in to it thanks and that will be all. Honestly reporting staff doesn't do anything. Reporting players is also iffy. The punishments are arbitrarily assigned and the rules are enforced at random. By all means report people but don't expect much from it. In short: this is the worst point in server history. Mop is the best working expansion. It is the worst point in server history but it is a damn good server. Yes it's worth playing if you can set aside needing staff and fixes. There are add-ons that allow you to put game masters on ignore and block certian guilds (like firestorm staff). I recommend using them and if you find a bug, just ignore it skip it, etc. Welcome to the server if you need help or anything in game I am usually on phevhe add me and I'll be happy to help. (Or join world_en and ask for blatancy)
  11. And today in game had a nice little argument. Jackass linking cool achieves boasting about gear. Go and look at his armory and he is a shop character point that out and he ignores that spams that I'm dodging a duel. I ended up getting my tyran mage and pushing his shit in. Then he puts me on ignore. I change chars and point out that I was the mage (he didn't know it was me) and he put THAT character on ignore. He ended up logging shortly after that. Not before he sat in world chat saying how he was the greatest. ( Never once had a valid response to ANYTHING I said he and 2 of his little butt buddies (also shop chars) just sat there talking shit) This pay to win shit is fucking cancer.
  12. Tbh the server is probably not going down. The thing about focusing on money is if you do it right, you get it. People on private servers always want an easier way. Higher rates easier gold don't have to pay monthly. The server isn't going down, it's turning to shit for those of us that take pride in what we earn in game not BOUGHT
  13. Ok so first of all the forums is not the place for this. Go to the website login to your account and open a shop support ticket about it However I doubt anything will be done because honestly the admins here don't give a fuck about us players. All they care about is making money in the shop.
  14. To the forum mod game master or admin that removed this dude and his posts; thank you. Lock and trash when y'all can plz