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  1. As the title says New RP guild will be coming to MOP on firestorm. I have been working on my character backstory for about a week now and am almost to the point where I am going to be in game with it. I will be creating an RP guild based on a Cartel style theme. The guild will be a place to come up with RP stories events and ideas. Where anyone interested in RP can come and have a little fun. The guild will be Cartel in the sense that we will be a mix of classes and races but ultimately drawn together in a heirarchy setting with the goal of using our day to day skills and professions, careeer\walk in life (like assassins, theives, bounty hunters, etc) as well as a general rule quest hub (using add-ons) My character will be a draenei whose goal is to become a Legendary Tournament Champion (that's all you get for now, but please feel free to join me as a friend rival random stranger whatever). I will be on 1x rates. I will post a follow up topic when the guild is live. I will also post more about add-ons chat channels and such at that time (I have a list of add-ons that I have been testing and dabbling with to use for this) Keep in mind that this will be on MoP and will be English only. Post below if you are interested
  2. They will put in the pre bfa patch then drop EVERYTHING else to go balls out for bfa. Mop will probably be lucky to get a patch every 6 months. Wod will be dropped completely (it already is) legion will take a back seat to bfa and be lucky to keep 1 Dev (if that) Reasons: it's what they did for wod and legion. And it's gotten a thousand times worse since inveric took over and made the server pay to win.
  3. Pvp - ignore what retail was like. There are broken classes. All classes are playable but some have a distinct (broken op) advantage. Healers suck in pvp. Leveling is cake there is a mop leveling guide for horde in tutorials section if you want Pve all raids are clearable but all have bugs (many game breaking) players hear can be bought (chars too) and skill is limited. Finding intro raids is very hard most raids won't let people who actually need the gear join cuz "too low" because here $$=gear=skill Server is pay to win. You want balanced fair and legit pvp play somewhere else. If you want to have fun pvping and don't mind some classes being bullshit broken then welcome! Pve can be done it just takes patience time or money.
  4. Title: Shop change Type: Shop Description: Suggestion: remove legendaries that can be obtained legitimately in game from the shop. Reason: 1. Some of us like to sell things to make gold. Like elementium bars and sulferon hammers. And carries. The shop takes this away from us. 2. People are linking legendaries they bought and acting like they earned them. Players like myself that farmed our asses off for glaives or thorndil on our 70 hate this shit.
  5. Title: Bfa Type: In-game Description:  Suggestion: Do not work on bfa. Instead focus on fixing the broken content on the expansions already live. Not just legion. Fix class balance on mop and wod. Fix raid bugs. Nerf a class you hate. just do SOMETHING on the older expansions for fucks sake Reason shit is broken as fuck on the expansions we have. Fix what we have before going forward AGAIN. Wod was rushed then DROPPED and it BARELY works. Mop hasn't had a patch in MONTHS cata and wrath get ZERO attention from the devs. Stop forcing and rushing new content at the expense of content we have. It's not like bfa would fucking work anyways
  6. Do what I do. Get yourself a repack for your favorite expansion. Add ik3's player bots (Google it) and say fuck other players and turn wow into a single player game where you have complete control. Then learn to fix bugs and script dungeons and bosses (again self teach like I did) and once again say fuck everyone else and play solo -Blatancy
  7. Title: Shop character change Type: Shop Description: Since people can buy and sell characters on the ship the server (all realms) has had a massive increase in people wintrading they are doing this to get pvp titles so they can advertise selling my char has title x y z. My suggestion is that when a character is bought / sold on the shop all of it's achievements and or titles get reset. This I think would slow down the amount of wintrading, will help players find decent arena partners (people like to link glad and shit bit they suck at the class because they just bought it) and it would also be more fair to those of us that EARNED our achievements rather than bought them and claim them as our own.
  8. Log into your account on the website and use the character unstuck function there
  9. No I chose my words correctly I have seen neverslain do this shit and he has done it to me. I just didn't have obs running and the screens I got couldn't prove I had pvp off when he hit me. He does abuse an item or spell to for flag pvp. It's not a guess or assumtion it's fact. I just don't run around filming 100% of my game play so I can't prove it. I also don't care enough to. The staff is a joke. They don't enforce the rules like they should they play favorite and they ban people they don't like for any reason at all. (Also not assumtions I have proofs if you really want it go ahead and message blatancy on the forums for my discord info) The point of that is the staff has completely destroyed my desire to do jack shit about anything. If I get annoyed enough by someone I report but for the most part I don't care anymore. The sad part about that is back when the server was pandashan I was one of the most active and involved players on the server. I still play as much as I did before I just don't get involved with the community nearly as much as before BECAUSE of the staff. In summary I'm actually not here crying about him. If you read any of my posts you would know I am blatancy and I stated mutiple times the exact same thing you did and when dipshit above me started flaming me I laid into him. Neverslain does abuse. People need better proofs to get him banned. Same as what you said to me without reading my other posts
  10. I looked at those reports and I looks at the screens. The two marked valid very clearly show the fact that he was abusing a bug to kill eiple not flagged. The invalids do not prove anything. You say you know the server and forum rules but clearly you don't. You must prove that abuse is happening. You cannot discuss staff descions. You cannot insult or be disrespectful towards staff. And yet here you are. You are hung up on the fact that he got banned before with screens but your screens we're marked invalid. Your screens do not prove that you were not flagged before he attacked you. You very clearly don't know shit about the server or it's rules. You are just mad that your report got marked invalid. Asking for someone to be permanent banned for two valid reports that are just min 1 day bans is petty and stupid. Insulting and flaming the people that try to help you or side with you is worse. Also note I'm not disagreeing with your assessment of staff quality and professionalism. I actually agree with you on that. I'm just saying your screens aren't enough proof and acting like this is stupid
  11. The problem is showing that you weren't flagged before he hits you. You need video proof or be READY to spam screenshot and upload 10 screens to SHOW you were attacked while NOT flagged
  12. well i searched his name on the reports found a couple invalids, and a couple valids. all for the same thing, bug abuse to force flag players but its only 2 valids, hardly qualifing for a perma yet it ia worth noting that it is something he is doing, has been dooing, and will continue to do so as long as he can, so maybe more serious punishment-wise to enforce the rule would be a legitimate request
  13. This guide (and your others) are just copy and pasted from retail guides. I bring this up here because a lot of this guide is wrong for firestorm. Do you even have a feral druid that you have played at 90 here on firestorm? Https://
  14. It's scripting shennaniganz Will never ever ever get fixed. It's so low on priority it's insane lol. Just close your eyes and don't think about it too hard lol