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  1. STOP TRYING TO RUIN MY FUN Jk. Seriously this would be awesome. Add it to all realms and put it on lfg too
  2. Going to be updating in the next week or two
  3. 5 Let's goooooo
  4. Meow. 1
  5. my reply to johnny is for him, you can read it but its not on topic) IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS: 1. USE THE FUCKING BUGTRACKER AND SHOW MATH AND SCREENS/VIDEO TO PROVE THE PROBLEM 2. make sure you are playing your class correctly (seriously, so many people cry about broken classes but cant play the class they roll) 3. posts like this are fucking pointless, its just gonna get locked and written off as someone crying (because thats EXACTLY what this is) side note: Hex who were you on 5.0.5?? -with love Blatancy
  6. ok first of all i can and will help you but first 1. its the servers website, it has worked just the way it is since firestorm opened, and it worked just as well as pandashan (fairly similar, its basically pshan + modifications and updates) been working just great for almost 6 years. 2. if you are going to ask for help, maybe you shouldnt insult the people or players you are asking for help, makes us not want to help you 3. leave that cunty attitude somewhere else, Garrosh is toxic enough as it is, last thing we need is another shit bag cock snot in world chat being a twat 4. the launcher will fix your install so you can login (at least it should) i still have and can use pandashan launcher lol 5. i said i will help you so here is my file have a great fucking day (yes i know im an asshole get over it) with all the sarcastic love - Blatancy the Insane
  7. so last weekend Highmetal had an event on MoP (Simon Says) the reward was a battle pet of choice and 5k gold. i won the 2nd round, and was told i needed a higher level game master to give prize. i was told to open a ticket (ofc i did) and have yet to get a reply. i dont care about the gold, its the pet that i want because it spawns in game but you cant battle it and i want it to complete my team of pokemon <3 can i haz my emerald proto whelp please
  8. any word on MoP RT reboot? - Blatancy
  9. /cast necro i might be interested add me ingame obstinacy
  10. pay to win (to me) means paying to get END GAME gear that players that DONT pay cant get. (or equivalent) paying for exp, honor, etc boosts is not pay to win i however dont think being able to pay for ARENA gear or final tier pve gear is good, THAT is pay to win. but the days are LONG gone of staff saying the server will never be pay to win, we crossed that line long ago.... RIP pandashan
  11. simple solution, when the ban is applied check the IP of the player getting banned and see if the account reporting is on the same IP this issue you have raised here ends with the GMs. bad gms that mark reports valid without proper evidence would cause this to be abused. however the abuse wouldnt be an issue if the GMs answering reports make sure they are marking reports with VALID reasons, and VALID proof. the GMs would have to be the ones making sure this doesnt turn into abuse. other than that, this idea would be awesome.
  12. if they sat in your bank or guild bank this happens. try posting 1 item/stack at a time. fixes it for me, just time consuming
  13. wont let me edit this shit so here we go again <From the AShes> is now level 10, openly requiting Come be part of a social helpful guild looking to grow. PST any online member for invite Discord:
  14. join me in discord at least lol