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  1. Well there's no class mount for druids just owl-like flying form
  2. Btw I keep getting ''Error updating GM ticket''. I updated addons tho and still same.Can GMs able to see my ticket anyway?Thanks in advance.
  3. i did it too @Alan
  4. Won a bg and my rewards ap, 860 item and my fifth legendary are missing. They haven't disappeared cuz i haven't gotten them in first place.
  5. I'm totally agree with u.If u consider all players, implement a legendary token system like retail.(i mean Purified Titan Essence)
  6. It's time to save some money and go to retail.
  7. Why can't I see mage tower npc ''War Councilor Victoria''?
  8. still same
  9. still same
  10. In this server artifact knowledge lvl cap is 25lvl or not? I have seen some players have 27 lvl.Is this fair?You should resolve this matter.
  11. Yeah thanks! Finally! buggy quest has caused this.
  12. I can't see any portals in dalaran including my class hall that i couldn't go through. I've already deleted caches, nothing happened.
  13. Yes, u can but u need to reach 25 trait lvl on r weapon
  14. Same with my dudu.