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  1. Okay, so anyone wondering the same thing as me. You do indeed have to unlock your artifact weapon trait level to 17 and then relog to get the achievement and 3rd slot. Thanks a lot!
  2. Actually, I just did this. I just hit 17 on my weapon and nothing happened. I did get the 'Artifact or Artifiction' achievement though but that was for increasing the knowledge level.
  3. So for the past 2 days or so I've been trying to figure out what to do about starting my Class Hall Campaign Questline. As a monk I have no Idea where to begin since a lot of the questlines I guess are not working? But I have seen Monks who have completed it and gotten the achievement so I know there's a way to do it. Is there any Monk players out there that could help? It's really frustrating not being able to have that 3rd slot for my artifact weapon. Thanks.
  4. This entire questline worked for me and I can see both NPCs. Have you tried going to Khadghar himself inside Dalaran (not at Kraus Landing) and getting the questline from him? Trail of Echoes is the quest that will actually spawn the Nighfallen Emissary NPC. When you get that quest you just take the portal from Dalaran into Suramar and click the little orbs on the ground that lead up to the final one, you'll fight a NPC for the quest, then walk up a trail to find her and will later escort her.