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  1. i need @ of gm called Frym cuz he ban my account pls help if u can
  2. what i do for that pls ?! im pve player i just go to BGs for fun only last time i go to temple of kotmogu it was yesterday and we win if some player report me for win its will be bad sorry for my bad English but i need help now >> what i do for i take this banned !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. yes mate but this quest is not work here we hope u fix line of this quest u will make FS fun
  4. its work but skin artifact not work
  5. when u guys will fix this achievement pls ? i play like 1 year to now and all time i wait you fix this ! .. .. ..
  6. so what about .. .. when you guys will fix it ? u will make firestorm more fun
  7. freakz is buggy serv i try to make pala protec alot of skill not work i love Firestorm and i`ll keep play here ♥
  8. done make ~_~ pls
  9. same here
  10. server is offline ?
  11. yes its offline
  12. @garrison

    hey guys .. Garrison is working ?! or i`ll waste my time pls help me <3
  13. i just check forum for i need see if that fixed !!!! .. i leave Firestorm today cuz Horde full win in BG / Arena . i do my best and we still lose .. is so boring and i hate horde i cant make char horde im always alliance any way Bye bye Firestorm was good time Best pve server but pvp is still broken
  14. warlock Aff is top in pvp but in pve is broken