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  1. dont forget about the constant lags
  2. wtf is wrong with these jajas i got 30min mute for wirting "heal" in jaja channel
  3. lol like 40% of the eggs i couldnt loot
  4. hi, i have a huge problem yesterday i got a weapon in mc (lvl 60 instance) when right clicked on it my 3.5k honor 2hand sword disapeared. im freakin lost, i farmed so long for this and then this happened. i dont know what to do, this is just insane. 3500 honor point is a lot!! this is the weapon
  5. so ive talked to many gm's because i cant enter an instance on grommash server, none could help me. and all said i should write a report in bugtracker which i did. and now my f*cking report got deleted for unkown reason without any response plus i cant wirte a ticket with any of my characters. is that how the people who run this server deal with problems?