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  1. FIx stupid desertir after each closing que! OMG I decided to close que on skirmish and wanna go rated arena and BOOOOM I got desertir for 15 min!!!!! WHICH IDIOT INTRODUCED IT?? a few days ago everything was working fine! FIX IT! coz it's imposiable to play! all the time then u close que u got desertir for 15 min!!!! Nice pvp server, developers!
  2. Any1 know how to connect to that new pvp realm tomorrow? I use client from anouther server and time-to-time just play here or there. I dont use firestorm launcher but I just change ip-address in WTF/config and then using simple wow.exe to connect which is very comfortable for me. So can some1 plz tell me how to connect to the new pvp realm using the same method without firestorm launcher?
  3. On retail yes, here it's ablosutly random. Read carefully what I wrote, now u are getting ONLY 1 item for a week after u win 10 rated arenas. Other items are absolutly random and quiet often they are low gear and rare drop.
  4. Even if we close the eye on my 2nd and 3rd topic problems, there is still their foult that we have troublems with pvp gear.
  5. I came from wow circle coz admins there just killed pvp content. Thought that here is better but same problems and even worse. First, u guys STILL didnt fix fucking pvp gear from skirmishs and arena. Items ARE 1) rare drops 2) low gear after 840 ilvl! Do u really think that player can have a good gear recieving 1 item for 10 wins ONLY once a week??? Same shit on wow circle - every1 have to go pve. YES, each pvp player (especially new players on server like me) have to go fucking pve instead of doing what they like (smash faces on arena etc). But moreover, doing pve here is almost imposiable coz it's fucking hard to make a party. I understand that your server is multi-national and bla-bla-bla but guys for every stupid party I have to spend 20-30 mins to search ppl. I even do spamming in 4 chats (es,fr,eng,ru) and STILL spend anormous amount of time to make a party to heroic dungeon for daily or bg. WHY U DONT DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS? I really dont know how ppl close raids here when it's a big problem to make a party EVEN of 5 ppl. On fucking wow circle there is only ru community and it's much easier to find partners for pve then here do spam in 4 different chats. And last but not least, fucking disconnects all the time!. Today there were 4 different disconects each hour + server restart. 5 times u can't go mm, farm bg and etc. And it's not a "special day", it's happing here last week quiet often. So, to sum up, there is a few advises coz anyway I see potencial here more then on fucking wow circle. First, fix plz pvp rewards. PVP player MUST be able to recieve ALL nesecceary gear from arena, skirmishes and BG WITHOUT fucking pve (hate it, REALLY HATE PVE ON LEGION, and believe me i'm not alone here). 1 stupid item for 1 week is not enouth. It should be constant and non-stop item rewarding for player's victory like in mm+. Second, just think how u can do searching for a group easier. I know it's a hard solving problem but guys try to find a way (may be it can be a npc or blizzlike group seach). Anything but not like this when u are making a party for bg or mm+ for 20-30 min spamming in 4!! chats. It's crazy. And third, plz fix these disconnects, u have a good technichals I'm sure or if there is important works give a massage to community that today will be aweful disconnects or something like this. For last 5h of my game server was down 5!! times and it shouln't be like this!