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  1. As Elemental Shaman, in all tries that I've done, there's always one rolling rock either hitting you while invisible or spawning on the oposite side and hitting without being anywhere close. Everything going well, then that bug either kills you or gets you killed since you take 3M damage from the hit plus the long ass stun duration. Spoke with a couple other players and they had the same issue.
  2. That's why you want to buy legendaries
  3. Title of the video not misleading at least.
  4. a WoW instance opens up on Resource Manager, but it's using 0% of the network and it's stuck at 10.9MB RAM Usage forever...
  5. proper english would probably help getting a legit answer to your case lol
  6. At least mention where are you playing from...
  7. Why were u banned?
  8. lol'd
  9. 7.3 is not even out on Firestorm lol Also, you can google that information for yourself. There are plenty of guides and stuff. And this is a private server. Some(if not all) classes will probably have new bugs when 7.3+ is implemented in the server
  10. It's valid, but you can still level up to 110. It has already been explained why they are focusing on Legion content, so what's the point on reviving this thread?
  11. Try later or after a server crash/restart
  12. legendary

    i'm not your mom. i'm your father.
  13. That's not how it works, mate. GMs don't own shit(not meant in a disrespectful manner). Those kinds of rules/policies come from higher up the chain.