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  1. Bit out of topic but you are right...rewarding 3v3 on a private server is ridiculous. People that want to be Blizzlike in rewarding pvp should check the pvp on the official server and see 3s there.
  2. I agree with giving max honor lvl/prestige 1 instantly. I also like having 25 AK. The grind to 34 is no big deal. Wouldn't prefer to have everything instantly in case of full traits. Cross-realm BGs and arenas are great for not splitting the population in half but even improving the pvp population. Overall - 1v1, special pvp currency, templates everywhere, reset CDs for duels...great job, I am really super hyped for this realm, finally pvpers don't have to pve for gear. You basically fixed all that Blizzard messed up and I am happy that I play on a private server just for these reasons. 1 thing I am still missing though would be ARENA SPECTATOR.
  3. Hassouna is right about the pvp realm. It will split the population and will make it much harder to get into the arena. And when you finally get in, the mmr difference is gonna be enormous. Next time make the promotional code work for at least 24 hours, most of us don't spend time on the website everyday, barely ingame. And we would appreciate if you got rid of 100 FP required to work with the character auction as well. I see I am never gonna get there with promotional codes of 17 FP. #ArenaSpectatorLegion
  4. Had this problem couple weeks ago - there is a file in your wow directory, some wtf document, you have to move it to your wtf folder. I dont remember the exact name, I can have a look at it tomorrow when ill be on PC.
  5. Exactly the same problem for me happened only couple minutes ago. Launcher doesn't let me in game.
  6. Sorry, I thought you replied on topic about 1v1 rated arenas, cuz you were talking about 1v1, my bad. Well then your response is irrelevant as far as the soloque goes because there are either 2v2 or 3v3 options, not 1v1 for soloque. That means same balance as for normal 2v2 and 3v3 rated arenas. Healers are allowed to log soloque (not 2 healers in same team however) I thought your reply was for 1v1 rated arenas. Thus my first reply would be an answer for that.
  7. Thank you for your response and opinion. Healers are not allowed to queue for soloque (logically). This is a private server, has its own bugs and many major talents and abilities are not working as intended, thus we can't ever talk about official-like balance for classes. Even on the official server there will never be "optimal balance" for every class, if that is what you're searching for then you don't play the right game.
  8. Title: Legion arena Soloque Type: In-game Description:  This is an option similar to 1v1 rated arenas suggestion. It makes players not having to wait for their arena partners and being able to push their rating on their own. Soloque is also discussed on the official servers hopefully to be implemented soon. How it would work is that player would join the arena soloque option without being in a party. I think players should have an option to choose a comp they want to play, so that it is actually viable and they are not gonna lose because of playing nonsense composition. So lets say they would have to tick 6 classes (out of 12 possible on Legion) they are looking for before queing for the arena. This would prevent them from playing weak combos and also creating premade groups which soloque shouldn't be about. If there were players trying to wintrade their soloque rating by joining arenas with premade group in the morning when there are not many players queing, it might be considerable to reduce the q time to for example 17:00- 22:00 every day. These are just suggestions and ideas. Feel free to comment and discuss on all the suggestion topics I posted today. If you made it there, thx for reading.
  9. Title: Legion CDs reset in duels and BGs Type: In-game Description:  Players who want to duel have to wait easily 5 minutes to get their cooldowns back and it doesn't make sense to waste time like this. My suggestion is to make it so that accepting a duel instantly resets all your cooldowns on spells and abilities so that you can duel right away. This might be implemented for all the world zones or easily just for the most popular dueling zones - Elwynn forest and Orgrimmar. The same applies for BGs, it feels really bad when you enter a BG and you can't play to the full potential of your class just because you have major cooldowns running. Even though it is not blizzlike, on servers I played before had this cooldown reset implementation always huge success.
  10. Title: PvP templates for dueling Type: In-game Description:  As we know Legion dueling is the least favorite of all the expansions. Why? Because it is mostly about who pops their one-shot macro first. Additionally, it provides no practice for competitive pvp (just because the stats are completely different). This is also planned for future patches on the official servers and I think adding pvp templates for duels would be a huge step into improving PvP on Legion.
  11. Title: Legion 1v1 rated arenas Type: In-game Description:  This solves the greatest problem for PvP players since ever - to find an arena partner. This way there is no need to wait for your partner or slack ingame while your partner is not online. You can play competitive PvP just by yourself. It would be a perfect thing to make-up for Legion dueling which is screwed up (no pvp templates etc-read my next suggestion topic on this). I would also suggest to give less valuable rewards for 1v1 rated arenas, as it wouldn't be primary arena bracket, 2v2 and 3v3 should remain the most rewarding.
  12. Even if it would be still only pre-season there should be some evidence. Inspect in-game doesn't work either, it only shows some random numbers where the arena rating should be.
  13. When will be PvP ranking on the website implemented? I would like to see current situation in PvP.
  14. Yes, I have already tried the methods listed in the topic. I also tried instaling the firestorm launcher with different WoW which I downloaded some time ago, but that resulted only in getting CAS error, which I managed to solve on WoW folder, which now gives me error 132. So I am probably gonna try to download the whole 40gb+ game again and see. Anyway thanks for the tips.
  15. Character Name: Meytrix Issues: Legion Operating System: Windows 7 How was your game downloaded?: Blizzard Describe your problem: Hello. After solving my problem with CAS error I encountered another one. Now after 3 days I can finally log in to my account, however when I want to enter the world, the loading screen stops and error 132 pops up. I tried various methods I found on forums and videos (eg. deleting folders, launcher repair and reinstalling launcher, using CCleaner, registry, defragmanting disc...and many others) but none has helped so far.