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  1. Questing in Loch Modan and all of a sudden, all of the mobs have become "invalid targets" with orange nameplates. If I flag myself for PVP, their nameplates go from orange to blue. At all times they can attack me while at the same time, remain invalid targets, making it impossible for me to attack them. Logging/restarting does not solve the issue:
  2. Hello, everyone! I've been killing mobs and grabbing mining nodes in WoD for hours and still haven't gotten the recipe for WoD smelting. I've even opened up my mine in the garrison. I just can't get the smelting recipes anywhere. No trainers I've found anywhere offer the recipes. Can someone tell me how I learn to smelt WoD ores?
  3. I ended up finding an Ashran portal in the WoD welcome instance entrance. I did swim to get to Lunarfall, where I was able to build the garrison and get the hearthstone. Thanks so much for your help!
  4. Thanks so much but I can't find that portal anywhere(I'm playing on BfA):
  5. Hi there everyone! I'm stuck in the WoD welcome chain where you enter the arena and are supposed to wait the time until you can "escape" the arena(optionally killing your 100, which is a laughable option since no fighting is scripted). The issue issue is I can't trigger escaping the arena. I've taken the quest countless times, I've logged and joined back in, I've run all around, nothing I do will trigger this portion of the quest. Everyone just stands in the center of the arena with their thumbs up their asses waiting for the second coming of Jesus. Can someone please tell me how to get to WoD? I can tell by the terrible bugginess of the welcome chain that absolutely no effort has been put into making the play in the expansion enjoyable so I'm happy just to get out of here and lvl my way via mining xp and grinding mobs. I just can't figure out how to get into the world. Thanks for your time!
  6. figured it out by logging on to a DH and checking Mei. Purchased and resolved.
  7. Hey folks! I'm standing in front of Mei Francis in WotLK version of Dalaran but she only sells the birds on this server. I checked the Firestorm store but I don't see it there either. Is there a way to get it on this server? I don't have toons on any other Firestorm server so purchasing & transferring is not a savory option. Thanks for your time!
  8. Thanks for your help, Razor. Currently, I'm sitting at the quest in the cave where you are supposed to get the tome. When I logged off, there were 10-12 people standing around me and all of us had killed her 5 or 6 times without getting any quest item. Because of the slow respawn rate on this mob, it took a very long time for this to happen. I've gone around and can't find any more quests to continue. I have the tome quest and one to talk to Khadgar, neither of which I seem to be able to complete.
  9. Hi there folks, I've got a DH at lvl 100 and finding the starter zone less fun than a hotsauce enema. Constant client crashes and quests that are buggy and prohibiting progress. Is there any way to get him out of the starter zone and into Stormwind?
  10. A fantastically helpful community. Keep being awesome.
  11. Trained in it and no nodes show on the map, even after restart of client.
  12. Hi there everyone! I learned of the Legion server and wanted to give it a shot! I downloaded the Firestorm legion torrent installed the Firestorm application and I pointed it at the full install. I created a human Paladin and I'm at the starting point. I have the quest giver in front of me and it's showing me the tooltip for accepting the quest. I can't get rid of the tooltip and right-clicking, left-clicking, middle-clicking, double-clicking, etc. does nothing to open up the quest window. The quest giver does get selected and he says hello but I can't get the quest and the exclamation mark never goes away. My quest log remains empty. Can anyone tell me how I might get this show on the road? Thanks for your time!