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  1. Any clue about when resto druids will get the first thing fixed this year? At least mastery....pre season is here and still no mastery. 856ilvl with artifact at 36: rejuvenation hot: 17000 regrowth hot: 3500 lifebloom hot: 5000 if we have talented for 2 rejuvs, with these 4 hots are a total of 42.5k hps. how much dps does a DH? "big and mana drain heal" regrowth initial: 160k as critical Rdruids are a joke for any well geared dps
  2. ok legendaries...but who cares about it when clases are unbalanced as never been?
  3. @Purrvert Regrowth is working fine just need to change spec or relog to have it in your book again. Everytime i get in something i must watch if its avalaible but at least i can get it work Ive been told mastery is in progress and efflorescence and power of the archdruid pushed to devs to be fixed (our prays for that xDD)
  4. @olympus glad i could help
  5. @Olympus Finally i got this working. The problem was firestorm launcher. When you open the .dmg and it shows you the screen to drag it to /applications/ what it does is making a folder in and the content inside this folder. so its /applications/firestormlauncher/... what i did is to drag all files and folders directly to /applications/ then the launcher will work weird solution bc its the only app in Mac with files directly here but...works then point where you got the game installed, update and play
  6. @Jade1234 I got a retail copy as well. Change set portal "...." but isnt working. Using the .app downloaded from here for mac says the app is broken and throw it to the trash. Ive downloaded the laucher and isnt running. It downloads some content but nothing happens.
  7. Who is druid's class master? i have reported (others as well) some bugs ans never seen an answer of him, instead @sketter is doing it (warrior's CM). Also i want to know why Efflorescence is still bugged and not fixed in 7.1.5. Gor the same bug than in Wod some time ago. Making the mushroom not being aimed shouldnt be that hard and will fix our main aoe class style healing.
  8. Just click on play. Bottom left then click on download and the *.dmg will be downloaded. When its done open the dmg and copy the firestormlauncher to applications. Open it and download or use a copy downloaded in torrent.
  9. @Sketter Thanks for your answer. I'm having a look at the video you posted and specially on how the shammy heal does his work. He is able to feel the HP the whole Rokmora encounter and finish the boss at 60% mana. That's something a druid in firestorm (using innervate) can just do it in dreams actually. I don't understand why developers removed 50% mana regen from 88k to 44k to druids to be the only class with mana problems since 2 months or so and specially the last days.
  10. yep the hp on the party barely decreases and healer isn't really busy. I don't know about other classes but druids are broken here. A friend got a priest 815 and a druid 835 and says priest is easier to heal than druid. Easier to top HP and never have problems with mana.
  11. I'm almost full epic and healing with a resto druid is even worst than ever. WIth that reduced mana regen of the last month or so, our healing based on hoting and this new instant big damage, druids need to use (more like must do) a lot of slow but "big heals" (150-250k ^^) draining our mana and being so hard to finish a boss with mana in the pool and for sure, using combat ress and leaving people dead... (+ eflorenscence still bugged and a waste of mana with that aoe bosses) So, ok being blizzlike with damage taken, but is healing and dps blizzlike?
  12. I don't understad why you reduced mana regen to 50% to resto druids. I'm 832 ilvl and i have to be very cautious to not get out of mana in a simple boss of an heroic but sometimes i can't heal all the party and only focus on tank and dps got killed... But that's not all...In BG's and arena is even worst. Can you tell me, what's the point to join a bg as healer if you gets 'oom' every minute? and i want to remember, that we don't have mana potions yet to use between innervate cd. In every single situation with a strong pvp the best thing i can do is to get killed to have mana back....that's the worst thing ive seen in my experience as healer. So please, no more 44k regen joke or try yourself and let me know how it feels to be a shitty heal after many hours empowering the artifact....