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  1. It is a bit too obvious that most mages are Arcane now which is a bit weird compared to retail. It should be the weakest spec out there among the 3 unless we're talking about Burst AOE. now Fire has been fixed and improved but frost mage presents very low numbers whereas it should be the best ST spec for Mages. Something is wrong you should take a look at this spec I am not sure if there is even a Class Master for Mages compared to Warlocks who had one and have been quite active and relied on feedback to try and fix warlock problems. If Anyone else concurs that frost mages need fixes or buff or have any Idea of where these low numbers come from add to this post or to the Bugtracker.
  2. No answers Still? It's so annoying that frost mages can't do well in ST and Cleave, Tried all variations from TV Frost mage to Crystals an no progression, something is too wrong with the class design.
  3. Upvoting this can you put a link to your bug report ?
  4. I know but legendaries are the core of Legion Experience. For some cases bad legendaries affect your raid progression but getting none could mean the end of it. Something must be done if what you're saying is true. Remember also there is bad luck protection which in your case seem a bit odd.
  5. Great point, I actually struggle searching for class specific discussions and most of the time it's bug reports. Guides or at least POV of an experienced player would always be appreciated.
  6. The Boat is fixed and no longer leaves the map. Platform/Gravity? bug players seem to be able to float around the dungeon. Melee damage of adds Around http://www.wowhead.com/npc=104217/talixae-flamewreath is insane. In retail those same adds could be disposed off by killing The Enforcers in the area which doesn't work on Firestorm.
  7. Edit : Pawn+ SimC
  8. Title: Simming on Firestorm Type: In-game Description: If you've been raiding or doing mythic+ dungeons for any length of time, chances are you've heard talk of simming thrown back while looking for problems regarding your dps/heals or even tanking. You might have heard people talk about using Ask Mr. Robot to find the best gear, or using Pawn to determine which item is an upgrade at a glance. Perhaps you heard of "just use simc". Simulation helps you get a glance at what are your stats weights and what you should persue first, did you hit a cap on haste or no and that kind of questions.The process is easy and many Videos are across the internet(I will link a guide) and the Result of this simulation would give you a "Pawn String" specific to your char as copying other people strings would never help you. The problem is that SimulationCraft is not supported on Firestorm and I have seen in the forums people pointing to this. Related Topics : There are videos and guides out there that go over some of these things that's one of them.
  9. I am curious about old content on Sylvanas ? Would you consider improving this aspect of the game like old raids, dungeons quest chains etc ... ? I think improving these will help players to keep actually playing especially those who already achieved a good progress in end content and not wait until new raid releases to come.
  10. I am Saying On Cone you get 3 parts each deals its own damage except the one in the middle always Deals the combined damage of the 3 Parts
  11. Normal Mode Guarm Cone one shots in any color while it's on the middle.
  12. Ofc if you are interested speak with Nxy,Frostmorphe or Kiel in-game to apply.
  13. I recommend Outlawz, pretty good active guild
  14. Should've include the nxy counting mechanics.
  15. ICC in general , we want to be able to have the gunship achievements for Glory of the ICC raider