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  1. So I have level 600 tailoring. blacksmithing and engineering across my characters and I have not been able to find any of the recipes for any of these professions and it seems like very few people have them, based on the low amount of competition on the auction house and the common absence of many pieces of equipment for sale (mainly crafted malevolent). I have farmed for these recipes in the world of the main Pandarian continent, on Timeless Isle and by killing dungeon trash and nothing has dropped any of these recipes. I am even using Potion of Luck. They should be easily found if you fulfill the requirements (as described in all of the wowhead links), which is just having high enough profession level, so I don't understand why I have not come across any. Has anyone had any luck looting them? If so, where did you find it? Tailoring: Leatherworking : Blacksmithing: Engineering: