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  1. I would like to know as why the starting scenario of WoD works on Greymane , but i cant even get to the Arena scene on Sylvannas , and can't level further Right after the bridge that broke (I did not even see the cut scene) i just jumped over the broken bridge with my mount to hopefully see Khadgar waiting for me so that i may continue my quest line. Meanwhile i can't continue my quest because Khadgar is not there so i cant complete my quests I have also tried running further hoping he would be there , spoiler ... hes not , he is nowhere to be found and i cant do any quest in the starting scenario , Point being I'm stuck and cant level further I did swim to other zones in Draenor , only to get 3 or 4 quest and didn't even get half a level
  2. but I already downloaded the turret but for somereason it is still downloading every zone im at why !/?
  3. It also seems like the game is downloading everything just like if you download the game from the launcher even though i downloaded the turret and installed it
  4. Hi everyone, I've downloaded the legion client from the turret but for some reason when i log on to my chars i can't see some of my abilities and my char is not showing i cant move while I'm logged onto my char and no NPCs are showing and I can't do anything anyone know why and or the fix ?