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  1. Same here. It is frustrating. However the dc wont kick you out of the dungeon party, if youre in one.Only sometimes you get to fly away - requests unstucking - on a mount so its still an end to you.
  2. I kinda dont like the idea of a pvp realm, even though i came to firestorm to try out the new pvp system. (And i absolutely love it) With the pvp realm being up, a lot of pve "newbies" are gonna go to-quit to the pvp realm, which means more players in pvp. Cross realm is a go to thingy, if you want to do this. I am afraid that the pve community is slowly gonna die out, and only the veterans will stay and actually tryhard things. Good thing is the amount of daily players, which is insanely high. So lets hope everything goes well! Big ups for the info, i am surprised youre working so fast guys. Goodjob well done, keep it up.