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  1. I heard some of you guys are complaining about shadow priest and his low damage. So I made a google drive where you can change Itellect your mastery with Versatility and traits and see how much damage you should deal (not in pvp). Just copy paste it on to your browser and check how much damage you should deal. Use your stats from Char sheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17HznDpJ_jSIo7w4RteWo8DJhfhQmzZ9BrcGc81rsHo8/edit?usp=sharing I know it's not a lot but atleast wil stop you from winning on Priest CMs when they have done their job on fixing damage spells.
  2. Holy for glory! PS holy should have those mega heals but I can still easily die just some good interrupts and cc and I'm down but when I die as a second player I bugg the arena as holy and I even said it on discord and wrote it on bugtracker
  3. After what Fixka wrote you can clearly see that photo get edited and Taríck get banned for no reason at all. And even for that I would wait as a GM for more photos or confirmation on Taríck as "hacker" for using invisibility, because it happens in wow because Cache is sometimes tricky and you can get invisible to some people just with using wow item, if enemy has I low end PC. So as a GM I would unban Taríck and maybe apologize for the ban coz get ban just for one photo is pointless and by Fixka post you can clearly see its edited so... That's all for me Peace out and GL & HF