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  1. well in moonkin form will it be fixed ? cuz it works good with priest shadowform , but dont work with Glyph of stars moonkin form , i hope you fix it <3
  2. When will Shadow priest be fixed in pvp ?atm its Dealing Tons of damage that people cant even heal its dmg , the Bugs are : So , Shadow priests have 10% more dmg in voidfrom and 10% physical dmg reduce in voidform cuz of shadowform stack , Psyfiend needs 10 attacks instead of 1 and this psyfiend reduces healing received by 50% , Mind Bomb undispellable during the 2sec so we will be stunned 100% , Misery dealing dmg of shadow word pain instantly , And DRIVEN to MADNESS works in Voidform , with this Bug people is getting 41 stacks of Voidform in arena and they are Being Interuppted so much ! even without using Dispersion ! here is a Screen of 41stacks of voidform in arena + dispersion cd ready GG , Also Mass hysteria increase dot dmg the more we are in voidform so imagine the interaction between the 2 , i did 184k dps in arena ez with this bug Also There is another bugged Class Holy paladin , Healing 1.5m with Holy shock in arena please fix shadow priests fast we are in season 1 and people abusing all the way , arenas are full of shadow priests atm with buggy holy paladins
  3. + it was said there will be a fix for Moonkin form glyph of stars and morphs but still buggy too
  4. HELLO , i did buy AROUND 45 LOOTBOXES , I OPEN THEM AND I GOT LIKE SAME TOY OVER 28times ? WTF iam not joking i wasted alot of my points on them and here is the proof , What is the use of this toys my mailbox is 3 pages full of same TOY WTF ! i buy them for AURAS not FCKING SAME TOYS I WANT A REFUND FOR ALL THE TOY NUMBERS CUZ THEY ARE ALREADY LEARNED ! the Thing is i GOT something i already have and there is no use for it ! it is said that they should give you something different but same TOY ! this is like a bug ! no logic this is not about luck , iam not saying i didnot got something i want , but i got something i already have , i got a Learned toy , and what makes me angry i got it like 25 times ! wtf i can do nothing with them and they are not intended to be this way ! i would understand getting morphs or auras i dont want , but getting same toy that is ALREADY LEARNED ! NO ! this is not intended to happen
  5. shadow priests are very bugged , Shadowform is enabled on Voidform , and some of their Talents aka Driven to madness works in voidform , personally i got 38stacks of voidform in arena without dispersion and i was interrupted so much , and many more , they need to be fixed asap , they do nothing special , Just spam 1spell (vampiric touch + misery talent it auto apply shadow word pain) ,
  6. ye +1 there should be a Code every year ! but not loyality points ! maybe give 3x christmas lootboxes to all people or FS points or christmas mount or anything
  7. yo an chance you can add old auras to this cosmeticator for 20FS points ? the current 6 auras arenot worth to be purchased , So the Old Auras of the Cosmeticator looks better even they are not Related to Christmas
  8. yo can you add the Auras to the Cosmeticator for 20-25 FS points ? the Wing Auras and Others one , The Available one's Atm looks bad , Or add the Old Auras of Cosmeticator
  9. The Wings Looks Amazing , But Sadly there is so much Morphs of Santa with Wow Races , Its nice to Raise the Chance to get the Wings Aura
  10. Hello , i have bought 6 boxes for 150 Firestorm points , But Sadly The Morphs dont Appear in Moonkin form with Glyph of Stars , First i thinked they will Appear , Can you Convert some of them into Auras ? since the Auras appear on Moonkin glyph of stars , Would be very thanks if u helped me guys
  11. i have bought 6 boxes for 150FS points , But i got all of them Appearences of Christmas , But when i go in moonkin form nothing appears , which means they are useless atm if they dont appear in moonkin form , Can you guys Replace them with auras ? since auras are visible in Moonkin form , Please help
  12. so what we do ?
  13. same here , i should get gladiator too , i have got the 100FS points of Gladiator but got the Rival , Very weird , Plz give us our titles
  14. i have even got 100FS points , Which is the Points given to Gladiators only , And Got the wrong Title , Please Fix this fast , I have Evidence and Screenshots of Everything , i had 77Points before and they can check that from logs , Character name is "Hassouna"
  15. its very unfair people with 2050 rating got Glad and people with 2204 or 2173 got Rival , very unfair , some people can get glad from horde at 1.8 lol and people from ally with high rating and was in second page didnot got glad , Even some Alts lower than my Rating got Glad , Please give us our titles