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  1. Please ?
  2. Any solution for mac users ?
  3. Hi, So, here's the thing : How is that possible that this guy's showing off Mage Tower skin, without having the achievement [A Challenging Look] from Legion ? I might be a butthurt selfish asshole on this one, but I've worked my ass off to get the Guardian mage tower in Legion. I didn't do that for everyone to be able to get it a few months later in BFA realm. I really hope this is just a bug, not an intended Firestorm's feature, and that it'll be fixed soon.
  4. And by the way, I've realized that people who haven't completed Mage Tower during Legion do have Mage Tower skins available in their transmog list. I really hope not everyone will be able to get it, but only those who've done it during Legion. Some people including myself have worked their ass off to get this unique skin.
  5. Hi, I've got a tiny little problem : my zone map (known as "BattlefieldMapFrame") resets every time I relog or reload. I've set a /run macro to resize it when I login, but I have to manually move it every single time. Does anyone have the same problem ? Is there a magical solution so it doesn't reset all the time, or a /run macro to resize AND set position ? Thanks in advance !
  6. Well, I guess the absence of reply kinda answers me on "is the server dead ?". Thanks anyway.
  7. Hi, I was just wondering about the MoP realm here on Firestorm before downloading it. Is it any good ? Is everything (or most) well scripted ? Are people doing shit, pve and pvp wise or is the server dead ? Please share your experience with me with with this realm ! Thanks !
  8. And for your own understanding issues : who said I was having trouble doing keystones ? I'm doing them anyway, it's just fucking boring to be kept in combat because of bugged adds, or to be forced to reset Arcway over and over again until this bitchy spider finally agrees to fight, or anything else Teeming-related. I know how to handle it, but I've never asked for tips and tricks on how to play with firestorm's bugs, I asked staff members when will this thing be fixed or at least worked on. So yeah, still nonsense with no correlation with the initial topic. But thanks to keep my thread topped up.
  9. What the hell are you talking about ? I don't care if it's easy or not, I want major things to work correctly. This has never been working correctly at all, and it has absolutely nothing to do with it being easy or hard, or with learning how to "handle firestorm bugs". Please keep your nonsense for you.
  10. Hi. I reported it already, and it has been reported by many players already, but since staff members don't seem to see it on bug tracker, I'm posting it there. If you want to upvote this, please do so : The teeming affix is the most fucked up thing here on Firestorm. Normally, this affix should add some specific additional trashes in some specific trash packs. It's not random, it's supposed to be the same additional trashes every time Teeming pops up. Here, there are tons of problems with it : • It doubles almost every fucking living thing, sometimes even adds on bosses (2 waves of 4 adds during Serpentrix, for example). • Many of these additional trashes are bugged and keep us in combat for the whole run (especially in Halls of Valor and Neltharion's Lair it appears). • It makes The Arcway impossible to complete without a pet-class, because spiders before Nal'tira don't come down and sending a pet to pull them is the only way to go through. Sometimes, Nal'tira just never comes down even with all the spiders dead (confirmed with Beast Tracking), so the key is screwed thanks to this affix. • The % given by any trash is wrong and is way too high. On teeming affix, each trash should give less % than non-teeming weeks so that you can't skip more packs because of teeming (this is a positive bug). • And probably other things I can't think of at the moment. Do some mythic keystones on Teeming affix (like right now for example). And please realize how fucked up it is, mostly in HoV and Arcway. Please fix this fuckery because mythic keystones are doomed on every teeming week. This is unbearable, and this bug has been there and reported many times since the first time Teeming appeared here.
  11. There won't be anything really new, don't dream
  12. I don't care about excuses, this server exists thanks to them so they don't really have to excuse themselves imo. But this is insane how they NEVER talk to the community when something is happening.
  13. Where does this come from ?
  14. And as always, 0 communication from the staff.