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  1. I've never seen a single quest popping when I enter an assaulted zone.
  2. Thanks, I thought I was dreaming when I saw his message. Agreed. The report on this has been erased for some reason...
  3. "Sorry balance does too low dps" That's what every boomy is facing right now. This should be the top priority to fix, a whole fckn spec is unplayable.
  4. No idea. I asked politely and all, but well, I guess they don't like suggestions.
  5. I actually asked for some "patchnotes" a few weeks ago : But sadly it has been sent directly in the trash.
  6. Ah ok, just logged in so I was wondering. Thanks !
  7. Hi, Title says it all, why are both the Legion servers offline ?
  8. No information ?
  9. Things always work better on test server, always. Lower population, fewer interactions, fewer moving data. Plus, they can't test absolutely everything on a test server, while on live server there are so much more people, a rare bug is more likely to be encountered.
  10. Go try a tank mage tower, only then you'll be able to understand the fuckery this is.
  11. Same problem here. I used to see them, then one day everything is gone and I can't see them anymore. We're completely phased out of Legion Assault WQ.
  12. The current loot table if still the one from 7.2 (or 7.2.5 ?). When will we get the 7.3 loot table (885+ from mythic normal, 915+ for keys 10+, etc...) ?
  13. The fuck you doin a DH with Boris ? DH start at lvl 95 or 98 dude
  14. Hi, I'm not complaining at all, I know you guys (staff members) do shit tons of work to make this server run and I'm glad it does, but why don't you ever communicate with us, your community ? I think I'm not the only one who'd be glad to receive even the tiniest information on what's going on at the moment. What are all the restarts for ? Why does the server sometimes is stable as fuck and other times crashes 208714 times in a row ? When (approximately, I don't want a date release) will we get 7.3.5 content instead of 7.2 ? I don't want a full report on a daily basis, obviously. Just sometimes a message on forum or even online saying "hey people we're restarting server to fix this shit or to implement this fuckery or idk" would be great and much appreciated by a whole lot I think. Anyway thanks for your work !
  15. Concerning the addons, I've encountered a pretty weird problem with Tidy Plates (I've got a working 7.3 version). In the outside world, everything works fine. And in dungeons, for some reason, enemy units are displayed as they should, but not allied units, who appear with the default Blizzard nameplate for some reason. Can it be the upgrade fault or is my addon fucked up in dungeons for some reason ?