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  1. The current loot table if still the one from 7.2 (or 7.2.5 ?). When will we get the 7.3 loot table (885+ from mythic normal, 915+ for keys 10+, etc...) ?
  2. The fuck you doin a DH with Boris ? DH start at lvl 95 or 98 dude
  3. Hi, I'm not complaining at all, I know you guys (staff members) do shit tons of work to make this server run and I'm glad it does, but why don't you ever communicate with us, your community ? I think I'm not the only one who'd be glad to receive even the tiniest information on what's going on at the moment. What are all the restarts for ? Why does the server sometimes is stable as fuck and other times crashes 208714 times in a row ? When (approximately, I don't want a date release) will we get 7.3.5 content instead of 7.2 ? I don't want a full report on a daily basis, obviously. Just sometimes a message on forum or even online saying "hey people we're restarting server to fix this shit or to implement this fuckery or idk" would be great and much appreciated by a whole lot I think. Anyway thanks for your work !
  4. Concerning the addons, I've encountered a pretty weird problem with Tidy Plates (I've got a working 7.3 version). In the outside world, everything works fine. And in dungeons, for some reason, enemy units are displayed as they should, but not allied units, who appear with the default Blizzard nameplate for some reason. Can it be the upgrade fault or is my addon fucked up in dungeons for some reason ?
  5. Hi ! Ok so since everything doesn't work as intended, for you my fellow mac users, here's how you can play here on Legion 7.3.5 : Download the whole game via Blizzard Launcher. The current game patch on retail is 7.3.5, so just let the Launcher do the job. The whole game is around 42GB. Open the game once, play the Blizzard Legion movie, until you reach the login page, then close it. This step allows the game to download the few missing required files to launch correctly. Download the Firestorm Launcher from the website : and put it in your Applications. Inside the Firestorm Launcher archive you'll see the "Firestorm". If you can open it directly, go to Step 6. If you can't, go to Step 5. The Launcher might not work at first. You can have an error message saying the the file is fucked up and should be deleted (which is wrong, don't delete it), or you can also have a Launcher that tries to open but get stuck at "Download update". In both these situation, do as follow : Right click on "Firestorm" Show package content > Contents > MacOS > Firestorm Launcher (terminal file) This file is a Terminal script command. Open it, Terminal will start and read the comment, and the Firestorm Launcher will open without problem. You must always open your Firestorm Launcher this way. Thankfully, you can put the Terminal command directly in your dock, it'll work as a normal app, but you really have to use Terminal in order to open the Launcher. I don't know why, but hey, as long as it works... Now you have a full game from Blizzard, and a working Firestorm Launcher. Open the Firestorm Launcher, go to Legion, and under the giant blue button "Install" there's a little white link called "Already installed ?". Click it, select the folder where your game is installed, and let the Firestorm Launcher do his job. It'll set your game so that it can connect to Firestorm realms and everything working with it, and you can play. So remember : • Always use the Terminal command to open the Launcher. • Always use the Launcher to open the game. And of course, update your addons to 7.3.5 and all the shit Firestorm staff members already told you a million times. Have fun !
  6. Did it crash ? Or was it planned ?
  7. No one ? Really ?
  8. Hi everyone ! I'm thinking about making a tank, to prepare myself for 7.3 (which is being worked on at the moment). I'm mostly gonna do mythic+, maybe a few raid though but no high-end content I think. Since I haven't played a tank since WotLK, I don't really know how they are right now. Can you guys enlighten me and help me pick one ? I'm wondering between these (warrior and DH don't attract me at all) : Prot Paladin Blood DK Bear Brewmaster Monk Give me your answer and please explain why I should play this tank or that tank. Consider that I'm preparing for 7.3 so please talk about 7.3 tanks' state ! Thanks ! P.S. : does anyone know why I can't create a damn poll on this forum ? It always tells me "something went wrong, you must complete everything" yet everything is ok...
  9. Hi everyone, Everything's in the title. I haven't touched to PvE since WotLK when I was a main tank on retail. So I'm wondering. How's PvE nowadays ? How's tanking ? Any advice, things I should/must know ?
  10. They didn't announce anything before that, that's why everyone panicked... "When the process is completed, we'll make a new announcement" : sure, but it would have been a good idea to inform us that you would shut the server down before doing so ^^
  11. Relax, the server is just under maintenance this morning.
  12. Oh nice, but they could have made an announcement before the restart, not everyone is using discord Anyway, thanks for info !
  13. Where dafuq is Sylvanas ?
  14. The full clients listed below the Launcher are torrent links. You must have a torrent client to use these link, such as Bittorrent or else. If not, links just won't work at all !
  15. The account folder thing is only for your addons and settings, but maybe everything will work correctly from now on !