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  1. Kk didnt know pvp still exists in this serv
  2. Especially the dodger jager he is so happy while all serv knows how bad he is.
  3. @Samiwow There is no need to answer braindead people
  4. waw so u need a fix on dh since his dmg is still not enough for u while everyone knows how retarded dmg of dh is, interesting
  5. Indeed @Samiwow they need rating reset at least
  6. Everyone should report those retards for abusing bug everyday at 5am someone must take care of them they are finding a new bug each season they cant play like normal people
  7. It's called abusing bug, u know that u shouldn't be able to q as double healers and u still keep queing double healer, don't blame anyone if u get reported.
  8. Any news about the end of season in wod? Almost 1 year since the last one.