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  1. You made a mistake with baning my account. it was not active i didnt played on it coz i left game arround 12 december i give my good friend acc pasword which is a girl and she got in game only once bc she is playing on retail not here thats why she didnt keep playing. So my account banned for erotic and pornographyc content why ? when no1 played on it. you should reward me bc of new year with some points bc you made this mistake.
  2. Wasnt frostmourne already available in shop or i have seen that on some other server ..?
  3. you are totally right. but some people dont understand that this game should be about having fun and not ruining other players game pleasure.
  4. Hello. I pologise you can remove this topic after you read it i could not post it in technical support. They told me i need to talk with you this people from payment support. with GM. I made 4 payments, toke my $$$ and no points, answer is paymets didnt pass but on the other hand my cash is gone and no points. So here are screenshots. i still dont get it where is my cash or points all i know at moment that my cash is gone and i dont have points.
  5. channel

    Hello. Here is one topic for discussion, tell me what you think about it. Mostly on world channel if you drop some sarcasam, trolling or "Anal joke: you know what i mean by this you might get baned, usually kicked, muted from world channel. Mostly staff members take this as a bad thing, rude which it is and they punish the players bc of it with forgoting that actually those players who they ban keep world channel alive. People who report them never but mostly idk if they even once wrote something on world channel. Let me be clear so you can understand me . Insults should be punished and needs to be but joking with your friends if they are joking too those things should not be thing for punishing, they first need to think about the way the words are said and how people reacted on them. After all this is the game, maybe for some people its a busines but mainly its a game and we are suposed to have fun on it by not beeing afraid to joke or chat on world channel. Tell me waht you think about this, all opinions are welcome.
  6. Hello i only wanna ask and after i got response i will remove this topic. Where i can and how i can report GM ?
  7. Does i think or there is really too slow GM response on topics. I will explain why i think that. I got banned 5th december that day i massaged 3 different GM's from which i didnt get response, i also posted in 2 threads one was general disscusen and another in ban appels. Next day no1 was answering so i massaged 2 more GM's from all of the stuff members only Lazarius reply on my massage but he is some kind of trial game master so he cant help me much at list he give me advices about where should i made report about my account suspension. And here it is 4 days after my report... my topic in ban appels has been seen and now i am asking. is there some1 doing his job here... at list tell me something like "fuck you bitch we will ignore you" ???? i see 9 people seen my topic and i guess this was GM's but clearly they dont give a fuck to answer me. Now i dont even need answer any more bc my suspensio nends in 5 hours so dont reply on that topic i will remove it but at list if you have a job do it properly dont ignore your comunity like moltenwow was doing.. they had 30k active people at same time across the realms but their stuff members was all the time in mode like "fuq you players" thats why they now have 10k insted those 30k... i apologise for my grammer.
  8. i sent you a private massage.
  9. i already made 2 posts and 4 msg to 4 different GM and still no answer... idk why..
  10. Guys i am just curious does private massages on this forum works and does GM and administrators actually recive them when we send or not, or maybe they are just ignoring us...?
  11. Hello. My account ip was baned few minutes ago bc of my behavior on world chat. If you play on legion you probably knows me by the name Bengbeng, Deawing or Kaboum. I have a lot of friends there but mostly some people dont get me right when i am trolling or using sarcasm. Some ppl get mad at me but mostly people laugh and they even join me. I understand that this server have rules and i am willing to follow them in future. But for now my honest appeal is to my account got unbaned or at list this ban decission to be changed by decision to mute me for soem time. Leveling here is already soo hard and soo slow with mute on my that will be great punishment. Btw excuse me for my bad grammer.